What a doctor means when he says no changes…

There’s a reason we leave ourselves a month for these Milwaukee visits.  You just can’t trust your doctor!  (He says with a smile)  Two weeks ago when I left my cardiac specialists office he said no changes to my meds.  But I left wearing one of those Holter Monitors and last week sometime the results were in and I got an email from him.  Would I be interested in changing my meds… he’d like me to…prescription-pad

Next thing I knew I was taking BP and Pulse readings three times a day for 5 days…

And yesterday I found out we’re changing meds again.

Which means that because I’m on one of the UnitedHealthcare Medicare programs I need to get my meds filled by their mail order pharmacy — And of course there is a delay due to mailing.  Which is fine in this instance because the change isn’t critical, they actually want to reduce one of my meds, probably because I’ve lost enough weight that less body mass means the meds are doing too much. All good to know. But a hassle anyway.

I’ve been thinking about doctors lately.  I hear so many horror stories about medical care in the U.S. but I’ve got to say that I can’t complain.  There are times when the who/what/why/when/where/how’s get to be a little confusing and complicated but I have to say that the people I have dealt with have been great.

I know that a lot depends on how YOU deal with the people in your life, and I know I use all my people smarts when I’m dealing with strangers and professionals — so maybe I grease my own wheels a little bit, but all in all I have to say that I’ve had pretty good luck with my medical needs and they are serious.

Last year I fell and had to visit the ER in Idaho to have my ankle looked at.  I was struck by how gracious and caring these folks were who knew I was a transient (as far as their practice was concerned).  My short term hospital visit last fall was actually a nice experience and by asking enough questions of everybody that came into the room I managed to learn more about my condition than I might have had I done hours and hours of research.  Of course, I’m not in any hurry to spend time in a hospital!  And I’m not eager to spend more time visiting my doctor than absolutely necessary.  But I really can’t complain about my treatment.  I’ve known my GP for … goodness, close to 30 years …  we’re both getting older and my annual visit with her is always filled with laughter and family stories, along with the poking, prodding and serious stuff.  I don’t know how she treats other patients but I get my money’s worth from every visit.

That does not mean I have changed my tune about everyone needing a medical advocate if you’re in hospital, and definitely if you are incapacitated in any way!  When Peg’s dad was in hospital for 12 weeks and doctors wanted to do all manner of invasive testing even after he was Terminal, Do Not Resuscitate, Palliative Treatment Only.  They are in business to provide services and left to their own resources they are going to PROVIDE services whether you think they are needed or not.  Still and all, there are really great people out there who care for their patients and do their best to see that they get good care.

So, right now I’m waiting on a mail shipment of new pills.  I’m confident they’ll arrive before we leave here.  If not, Kathryn will send them on to meet us in Texas.  But sooner rather than later would be good.

In the meantime I’m sitting here in Milwaukee enjoying life; trying not to eat back all those pounds that I lost during the previous 5 months!

Check in again tomorrow to see what’s up. I’ll be here.


2 thoughts on “What a doctor means when he says no changes…

  1. “That does not mean I have changed my tune about everyone needing a medical advocate if you’re in hospital, and definitely if you are incapacitated in any way!” — I couldn’t agree more. The advocate needs to be someone familiar with the particular health challenges and history of the patient and how to help influence the nurses and doctors to get what the patient needs. Oh boy, how firm a believer I am in this! 😉 Glad you had a good checkup and hope all is well.


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