Peg & I were married in 1968. In some ways 2017 seems an awful lot like 1968. Like the adjacent Time … More


I’m in a quirky mood today. Boxes all around and I’m twiddling my thumbs half-waiting for tomorrow morning and the … More

Cropping Your Own Life

A great deal of life is about cropping out the uninteresting parts.  Edward Weston (Mar. 24, 1886 – Jan. 01, … More


We’ve done it before.  I’m sort of hoping we don’t have to do it again, but the process of packing … More

Timing is Everything

What’s the right time? As we drove home from San Antonio we had… what shall we call it… a brainstorm? … More

Flying Fingers!

Monday morning we woke to a reduced threat of rain in San Antonio and a pressing need to get that … More

The Absurdity of Equality

Several days into the Hurricane Harvey story now and I find myself pondering the concept of survivors’ guilt. We avoided … More

Harvey (Day 2)

I awoke Friday morning hearing a little wind but no rain drops on the roof.  The eye has traveled North … More

Our First Hurricane

I woke this morning, Thursday, to a change in the weather forecast.  What had been predicted to be “rain” has … More

No Place for Hate

It’s the Monday morning after the Charlottesville tragedy and violence and you won’t find me saying “things like this don’t … More

Reduced Frequency

Water Water Everywhere Momma Nature decided we’d had enough and we caught up a little in our need for water. … More

How much to share

There comes a time in life when it’s a good thing that family knows what we’re up to; how severe … More

Remember where you live

A recent graphic reminded me that it’s important to keep things in perspective. For all the edge-of-your-seat stories in the … More