After the Cookies

I wonder how long it will take to use up all the baking supplies we didn’t use on Family Baking … More

A Private Altar

For all the bad publicity about religion, about the excesses of some clergy, about the abuses by Catholic priests, about … More

Too many burners

Of all the things I did not expect have a hard time adjusting to, having too many burners wasn’t one … More

Not your only life…

I was wondering, the other day, what would we consider the Zeitgeist of 2017?  Zeitgeist, as you may know is … More

Too Much Automation

I’m sure you have heard that up to 30% of a retail establishment’s sales occur during December.  Americans go crazy … More

Rolling Down the River

I think I’ve given up on the idea of taking a Narrow Boating vacation in England!  You may remember that … More

Where there is love

Is there such a thing as real “altruism”?  That is, do people, or can people really behave in a disinterested … More

Smaller Circles

One of the inescapable things about the RV lifestyle is that you can’t get away from people.  Perhaps “can’t” is … More

Something I missed, a lot

This is going to be, an unavoidably biased comment.  I know there are other places that have similar occurrences but … More

2 years in a hospital

Yesterday’s blog had me thinking about things a long time ago and I decided maybe it was time I shared … More

An Old Shaving Mug

What good is an 80 year old shaving mug?  It’s a little hunk of carved out wood — a bowl … More

Our Park

Peggy has been itching to get out and test-walk our new neighborhood park.  We do a lot of walking; or … More


Friday was a day for conversation.  Mel & Drew stopped over for a chat before heading South to Chicago for … More

Remnants: bye-bye

The process of UN-RV’ing, or continued downsizing continues.  Nearing the end of our RV live we fond ourselves in a … More

Oh No! PIE!

What do you do when you haven’t made a pie in 10 years and suddenly you find yourself on the … More


Being back in Milwaukee has reignited a couple passions.  Let’s lump them both into one category:  thirst. The first is … More

To Dream

Dreams continue to fascinate me.  The human mind is so creative at the same time it is ultimately practical.It’s prime … More

The First Day

I like counting down to things.  You may have noticed that in the past. I like counting UP from things … More