My God and I

I’ve been sort of looking for the words to this hymn for some time now. I never could find it, … More


I love language, especially my native tongue, English (or to be more accurate, U.S. English). But it can be a … More

Napkin Holder

Our daughter Katie made a napkin holder some time ago This little wooden holder I can’t let go She made … More


Because of you, in gardens of blossoming flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring. I have forgotten your face, … More

Coffee Pot Anthem

Big Thoughts on Small Subjects When making coffee on this Saturday morning The maker did not issue it’s usual warning … More


If everyone had to speak in rhyme, Which could eradicate wars: how sublime. Or would the result be fewer words … More


We are actively waiting. Waiting while anticipating. But thoughts of purpose come to mind. And to that end, this poem: … More


There have been days and nights on a parking lot The weather was cold and also very hot The wind … More

My MoJo

I have my “Jo” But I need to know, Where did my “Mo” go? Stella found her groove Elvis made … More