Peter-Peggy profileAfter 33 years with Aurora Health Care my wife took her retirement.  As a self-employed photographer  it was an easy decision for me to follow.  October 1, 2011 we hung up our money-grubbing gloves and donned a new wardrobe.

Retiring earlier than planned meant we were younger, more active, and really excited to do things we would not have considered had we waited. We took a good hard look at all our our ideas and put our 1923 former-schoolhouse-home up for sale. We bought an RV and after an 18 month sale process we will hit the road full time.

The blog is our way of journaling, of keeping in contact with family and friends, and occasionally just blowing off steam.  I’ve always written.  It’s just who I am.  But I’m very much stream of consciousness.  I hope you enjoy.  Come back to visit regularly.



  1. Wow, my husband and I want to do the same thing. Our dream is to purchase an RV and become storm chasers.It has become crystal clear why I instantly felt an affinity with you. 🙂 My husband is a photographer, not his profession although he would like it to be. Check out my post “Shadow People” and click on the link to his Flickr site. I think you will enjoy his perspective. Hugs.



    1. We thought little about retiring until such time as it became evident that it was time for Peg to retire. Because we took the step early we were more on top of our game, so to speak and wanted to do something specifically to keep us younger and more active. I never dreamt in all my life that my dear wife would welcome life as a vagabond. But she did, and we will — as soon as we get this amazing house/school we live in sold. Fingers ever crossed.

      Thanks for the link to your hubby’s pictures. I have very mixed feelings about street photography. I enjoy images but there’s a part of me that I almost cannot reconcile that balks at the intrusion into their lives. As a result I found myself doing studio work and also concentrating on images of tourists being tourists.

      I find it fascinating the way different people bring different “eyes” to the same scene. I really like Stanley Park – Nine O’Clock Gun

      I look forward to conversing in the future.


  2. Well Peter you popped up as a comment on one of my comments on Mrs.P.’s blog and for that I thank you… always interesting to hear others opinions. But I’m not here to relate to that comment but rather to say what you and the wife are about to do, we are doing the same thing, our house is up for sale the RV has been selected and the process will begin as soon as the house is sold… I have also gone into semi retirement at an earlier than planned time, and look forward to traveling and sharing our trips… I am an amateur photographer on a quest to photo as many of our birds and animals in South Africa and then to share them on my blog… I will be following you to see what you two get up to…


    1. Hi Bulldog!

      Welcome to Life Unscripted!

      We’ve been having a lot of fun transitioning from brick & stick livers to mobile wanderers. The transition for us to most of 2 years; but then we had not planned on retiring when we did and we never dreamt seriously about doing just what we are doing right now.

      But, we went into it with serious thought — trying to know OURSELVES more than listening to our spontaneous impulses. We ended up with an RV that really does what we need, we have saved ourselves some real hassles by thinking long and hard about what we really wanted to accomplish instead of being swayed by coaches and idea that looked really appealing but might not have been right for us.

      The most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to retire or to RV. Whatever you do, make sure it’s right for you, and not that you’re doing something because of someone else.

      Good luck on the photos. I have laid off taking serious images for almost 2 years. But now that we are out of WI and fully mobile I find the cameras are coming out again and I’m sure that I’ll revert to who I am, instead of being the guy waiting to go mobile…



    1. Jim,

      Yes we have been in Forest City. We bought our first RV there — at Lichtsinn — and we took the factory tour at Winnebago. Really informative.

      Some day I’d like to stop at the HWH factory — also in IA.



  3. Future RVer here. Hopefully in 3 years. The last 2 have been doing a lot of research, looking at RVs (decided on a 5th wheel) and reading blogs. Started having yard sales. I am a planner! Drives my husband crazy but he appreciates it in the long run. 😉 I am enjoying your blog but would like to start earlier and work my way to date. Not liking going backward, I’m a forward person! I’m not finding an area where I can access by date just year. Thank you, happy trails! Robin


    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks for following along with our adventures and misadventures. ‘Welcome aboard.”

      You’re doing the right thing by researching. Salesmen will always be glad to sell you something. Finding out what you truly NEED and deciding on what ‘wants’ will fit with your needs is a job only you can do.

      The process of downsizing is (or can be) horrendous. Peg and I had our stuff, my parents stuff, their parents stuff, her parents stuff — all in a 6500 sq ft old school building. And we have no sense of contemporary values for collectibles, furniture, etc. We were lucky enough to have a friend who would do an estate sale for us; but everyone has to find a way of dealing with that themselves. And how much they want to retain, or dispose of.

      Just for you I added a month by month archive, I hope this helps.

      If you have questions, I’m always open to ????

      Enjoy the ride, and the process of getting ready for your own mobility freedom day!


  4. I can’t explain why I’m sharing this but need to tell someone, so tag you’re it. 🙂 Tom didn’t feel well on Sunday, said it was hard to define but settled on stomach cramps. I went to work, returned around 10 pm to a husband not feeling any better. At 3 am he woke me to drive to the ER.Long story shortish, he’s been admitted with a major tear in the aortic artery.Doctors trying to stabilize him for the next week, then they’ll talk surgery. I’m terrified.


    1. Yikes!

      He’s lucky to still be alive. Though, your doctors might be using different terminology, or profession-specific terminology because a “tear” in the artery would be assumed to lead to a rapid bleed out. Still, I don’t care about the words — I’m just glad to hear that you got him in hospital and sorted out. I have been pondering in my own mind whether next time in MKE I should inquire of the doc about alternate treatments for my own aorta & myopathy problem. Given that my blood work always comes back with a little question mark about how well I’m purging poisons from my system I’ve been wondering if surgery — as much as I’m not in a hurry to do that — might be a better longterm solution — if I’m a good anesthesia risk. — which is why I’m seriously working on my weight. The lighter and more stamina I have the better my chances.



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