My brain may be on other things but I might as well keep you thinking while I’m being quiet.

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Consider your energy usage, and how you utilize our planet.


On or Off?


Industry puts out the chemicals it wants — so what is it that you are breathing, eating, drinking? Is it pure? Or has it been contaminated in the name of greater profit?


What ARE we breathing?


Prime Directive

I’ve always been a serious boy. Mom used to complain when I was still in 2nd and 3rd and 4th grade that already I wasn’t bringing home library books with stories in them, I was bringing home books about how things worked and how to make things. “Can’t you just read stories,” was a question I heard way too often as I was growing up. Some things never change. While I’d love to be able to just sit back and have a lovely front-porch chat about everything and nothing — I never learned how to do that. I learned long ago that I’m just a big old socially obtuse moose.

It’s hard for me to witness the injustice in our society, a society that is supposedly based on the rule of law and some semblance of justice. But today there is one system of laws for the rich and one for the poor. Those who can afford lawyers and lobbyists can postpone their problems and walk away scott free. Those who cannot afford pricey lawyers end up paying the piper and spending time in jail. We jail more so-called criminals — many of whom are nothing more than citizens — than any nation on earth.

If the rich had been paying their fair share of taxes, the problem we face with COVID-19 would not be a problem because our healthcare system would be primed and ready for emergency situations. As it is, the CEO’s and upper management are rich and everyone else struggles. In the coming months there will be an onslaught of funerals because of the greed of management and government.

And yet, we cannot afford not to pay them off. To refuse to bail out hospitals and airlines and major corporations who employ the citizens of this country is to see the economy stagnate and shrivel. Government is left with the dilemma between lots of unhappy unemployed citizens who could riot or lots of dead bodies who can’t do anything. As congress argues about what to do this week we watch them making their choice. Hospitals already say they are not getting the supplies that Washington says it has sent. And one wonders just how long deliveries really take — specially if they haven’t yet left the shipping dock.

Why anyone wants to be President in this current climate eludes me. There is no pleasing everyone. But there are those who do. How it makes sense to spend a billion dollars campaigning for a job that pays a couple hundred thousand a year has bewildered me — but I’m just an average citizen and high finance must be beyond me. One thing is sure — having spent that much money, you know they intend to be the better for it — at whatever cost. And you and me, we are the cost.

I find it hard to write about anything other than the present situation in the U.S.. There are things I want to write about but the words just don’t come. I have been pondering some ideas I’ve thought about all my life — and I’ve been trying to synthesize new ideas that I’ve never dared think before about exciting topics — but I can’t keep my brain on task. And, given the nature of COVID and my own physical shortcomings it could be that I’m just biding out my few short months of life — I have been self-isolated and have no symptoms, but given the state of my lungs, contracting the virus would not be good for me at all. So, there is a sort of resolution that wants to be paralyzing — I have ideas I’m trying to work out onto paper but I can’t corral the thoughts in the mushy brain that lives in my head right now. So far I have fought off mental and emotional paralysis; with luck I’ll get past it. Staying healthy helps. Each new day makes me a little surer that we both will come out the other side. 🙂 But this situation is also why I’m so passionate about my plea for people to do what they’re being asked to do — and why I’m so angry about those who are ignoring the please for cooperation. I have no idea what will come of the next few months; as always I’m eager to find out — this life is an exciting adventure and I’m charging full bore into it — but my eyes are fully open eyes and I’m keenly aware of what could go, quickly, wrong. Still, life is for the living.


Under Siege

It would be easy to let living under quarantine depress you. But you know, we aren’t the only ones ever to deal with such draconian times; and many have had it a lot worse than us. During WWII there were a few sieges against cities. The Living in quarantine isn’t much different than living in a. Medieval city under siege siege of Leningrad lasted some 950+ days and I’m sure the folks there were facing a lot more stringent problems than what we are facing with the conveniences we enjoy today. Siege of Leningrad — WWII

During Medieval times there were numerous sieges — bloody and terrible in worse ways than what we face today dealing with Coronavirus, but they were folks being locked up and contained just the same.

In 1453 the Siege of Constantinople was laid siege upon and that lasted for 53 days — almost 2 full months.

As far as long-lasting periods of being locked down, the Siege of Candia (now called Heraklion) in Crete was easily the longest siege in recorded history. That lasted 21 years. In other words those born in the first few years of the siege were old enough to fight in its final battles. If you think that being cooped up in a house for a few days is more than you can take, all I have to say is “buck up, Charley.”

If you’re interested, here’s the list of the 10 of the longest sieges in history. It might make you better to see your own confinement in more historical context.

While we’re on the topic of not feeling sorry for ourselves, what about all those who are worried about missing their graduations — what with school being cancelled in some cases till the end of the school year. I graduated school in 1964, a year ahead of my class. In the 1960’s a lot of my fellow students ended up going to Vietnam for their graduation. Many never came back.

It’s important to keep life in perspective. Yeah — what we are going through is not easy, and is not something any of us are likely take as “enjoyable” — but on the scale of life’s problems — for those of us who shelter-at-home and do not get sick, or those who get sick and recover — this is a relatively easy problem to be dealt with.

Yeah — there is the whole sanitation thing, the wiping down surfaces, the extra washing of clothes and extra showers and extra hand washings, and precautions about what you touch, or don’t touch in public places — but still, if you don’t get sick what you are going through is an inconvenience and little more.

I’m not going to say anything about the issue of money — for one thing Congress, slow as it is, is trying to arrive at a financial package that should help the hardest hit among us. It will probably give too much to those who don’t need the help as well, but our biggest concern has to be with the weakest in society and one can only hope that compassionate hearts will prevail not matter how asinine some in the government might be. I’ll hold judgement on what hasn’t happened yet for that reason.

As 2019 and 2020 were going the election was shaping up as a test of what we want this country to be in the future. Surely the differences between Democrat and Republican ideals are going to be tested in the fire of affliction and we’ll see who has the heart of the people, and who does not. Know for sure that an incredible number of citizens will be severely hurt — and I’m not talking about the people getting sick. Loss of jobs, bankruptcies, medical expenses, lost opportunities — people’s lives are being changed forever as I write this post — and you can be sure that they will not forget what they are going through now, and what they will experience in the next weeks, and months.

May God be merciful to us all.