48 hours: In and out — not on schedule

Our program was 48 hours in hospital to uptake the new meds and then out.  We were on schedule until about an hour before we were supposed to be discharged.  That that time the doctors got to talking and decided that because they had made another change to the dosage earlier in the morning that they wanted to keep me one more day to make sure that the rhythm issues had been resolved.  So, here I am for another night.

And, to make things even more interesting, I was talking with my nurse as she was about to give me a shot when the pharmacist called to tell her that the drug they just put me on was not an accepted medicine on my drug plan and what to do.  Now this was not news to me.  After last Tuesday’s appointment I went online to check the UnitedHealthCare AARP formulary and I had already discovered that the medicine was not covered — which I discussed with the doctor’s Physician’s Assistant.  In hopes that they would get a pre-authorization for the med before I arrived in hospital. That appears not to have happened.

So, here it is Saturday night and the entire approach to how to treat me is being re-examined.  There have always been three possible solutions, one using meds, and two involving physical intervention — either actual surgery or catheterization.  I’ll be seeing the doctor in the morning, and armed with the most current info on how I’m doing three doctors will come to a decision on what may be the best way to proceed.


I suspect that I won’t be having a great night’s sleep but I’ll sleep for sure.

Sunrise from my room. (The Sun is behind the building)

Sunrise from my room. (The Sun is behind the building)

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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