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The Joys of Online (Up)dating

I hope our kids never move again!

The process of keeping addresses and other crucial account information up to day for full-time RV’ers can certainly be a pain!2014102520375201  A pain I thought I had gotten past for the time being — and sadly I was mistaken.

If we go back three years our address has been:

  • our home,
  • our daughter’s house
  • our daughter’s NEW house

And mixed in there is the fact that we both went from non-social security recipients and non-medicare participants to our both being in the system.

Add in 2 credit card fraud alerts and new credit cards issued with new credit card numbers and I’m tired of trying to insure that each and every supplier, account, financial entity, etc., has been contacted and the pertinent info successfully and correctly made. social-security-administration-logo CMS logo

Thursday was devoted largely to sorting out United Healthcare, and verifying Social Security and Medicare information.  And, in the process we needed to make sure that as many of our accounts included alternate trusted representatives so that in case of incapacitation we didn’t get hung up on HIPPA issues.  So, getting me on Peg’s account and her on my accounts and Kathryn our daughter on both of ours was part of the hassle.

0803-Social-security_full_600 medicare_card_largerI’m sure I am no different from anyone else — I hate dealing with automated phone systems.  The delay is bad enough — wading through all the automated prompts.  The fact that the automated prompts don’t always get you to the right person is a bigger complaint/concern.  And is there anyone on earth who is not insulted by being told, time and time and time again that “Your call is important to us” — but not important enough for the company/agency to hire enough employees that they can actually process phone calls as they come in instead of waiting, as I did this morning for some 23 minutes before talking to a single living being — and then being told I was not talking to the person who could fix my problem.

There is a fine line between wanting to be legally compliant and obsessive.  I really don’t think it’s the government’s business how often I travel or where — that’s the benefit of being in a free country. uncle-samBut new-ish postal regulations, and the glut of  Medicare and Social Security fraud perpetrated by scoff-laws have meant that certain main cannot be held for pickup and must be returned to sender.  Making sure you have changed all the governmental addresses in your life is a huge deal — no one wants to find their Social Security cut off because out Uncle thinks we’re dead, or trying to pull a sneaky.

And then there is the fact that things keep changing.  You can’t rely upon processes or procedures that you’ve lived by for the last 20 years, or 40 years to be any good tomorrow (or maybe even yesterday)

I am horrible about keeping up on notices mailed to me by businesses and governmental organization.  I hope you can do better than me.

Anyway…. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Online (Up)dating

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Oh, I hate those automated systems too. Sometimes I just press zero and hope it automatically sends me to a real person. Though the places that use these systems are getting clever about it and sometimes the “real person” number is a seven or a nine. Automated systems are the one thing that makes me mad enough to want to break a phone…but I don’t. I have found that some systems are faster to get through if you call as soon as they open.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL — ‘call as soon as they open’ — that presupposes that I know I want to call them that day! I’m far less organized than that. I’ll put off calling companies for days if I can. Or I’ll call them the minute I find out there’s something wrong — and always it’s, “we are experiencing unusually high volumes of calls.” GRRRRRRRRRR
      You are right bout the alternative numbers for reaching a human!
      My biggest problem lately is that what I seem to want (again it’s my problem with categorization) is not the department they think I want to talk to — so they send me to someone who’s as ignorant as a twit and then I start waiting all over again on the line of the correct department’s waiting queue. Double Grrrrrrrr.
      But at last I don’t have 36″ of snow out front and I can shake my tail till my feathers fall out! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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