I live here

I live here

This post is actually an excuse to publish this image.

A fellow blogger over at Notes to Ponder posted about discovering Black Widow spiders in her laundry room. I attempted to comment back and link this image — but Wordpess’s comment system strips out html I guess.   The graphic struck me as poignant because we we formerly lived there were periodic discoveries of wildlife living among humans and a great furor to boot.

Personally, I think it’s the neatest thing in the world to see deer, coyotes, foxes, skunk, and raccoon living among us.  Other people don’t like ’em.  I’d say, it’s a big world and there’s room for all sorts, but the fact of the matter is that we humans are hogging up all the space and making it hard for the critters to get on.  So don’t be surprised when they learn their own adaptive behaviors and appear among us attempting to live a life of co-existence while we humans insist upon exterminating them just like we do other humans.  sigh…..


I live here

Peg's Poetry

Belle Esprit

After sunset we took a walk
It was pretty dark so we couldn’t gawk
We came to a bend and heard a snap
Not loud like a big bear trap.

It was the sound of a tree branch breaking
In the dark forest it had me quaking.
Then the dried leaves gave a rustle
We stood still no need to hustle.

Because we could see only a form gently move
And look our way but did not us pursue
Then Peter uttered as softly as could be
“It’s a deer! Look”  But if baffled me.

Because from out of nowhere it materialized
It caught us off guard; a wonderful surprise
It’s path seemed to parallel ours for a moment
And then in an instant another development.

It darted through campsites of those around
But they did not notice, nor saw it bound
Back into the dark forest to retreat
The silent form of a deer: Belle Esprit!



An Old Rust Heap

This old tanker was found along the shores of the Salton Sea (CA). I happened to be there to photograph birds, but if you have never been there it’s an interesting ecological disaster — well, that’s what I call it anyway. If you like your people as weathered and crusty as this truck — you’ll feel quite at home. Which I don’t mean as a negative — I love people with character — people who are determined and hardy.

What do you call a rust bucket in the desert

What do you call a rust bucket in the desert

If you happen to be in Southern CA during the winter while the birds are on their annual migration South, you’ll find a wonderful abundance of species here. Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge