Old Diary

Go2 Ranger

Finally!  Wednesday was a particularly productive day for me. While Peggy was off taking care of the laundry and the sun shone I got busy clearing up a few projects.

The trip up to Highland Ridge was marred by another problem with the Brake Buddy so I took the time to diagnose and fix that — finally.  If I was going to have to ship it back to the manufacturer I wanted to know so that we could send it, and have it returned before heading South. It looks like I did it right this time and we’re good to go without shipping anything anywhere.

I rewired another outlet and installed a couple USB charger outlets.

I got out the Watt Meter and checked the draw for some of the devices we power in the bedroom and made some changes to what plugs into what outlet and pulls power for where.


Perhaps most importantly — to me — I finally got around to wiring up my WiFi router.  For all the electronics I have hooked up getting around to hooking this up has been one big delay after another.  But — it’s done, in less time than I feared — and I love it.

I now have all my devices on a single WiFi signal and I can access the CORPS DSL from my office, the lounge, or even out in the ‘yard.’  I’m a happy camper.

The folks at WiFi Ranger have a nice assortment of connectivity products and I’m glad I finally broke down and popped for equipment that I bought — including this Go2 router that I finally hooked up today.

One of the reasons I selected this router was that my Verizon hotspot will connect  to it and I can share my hotspot within my own network.  Once we leave here that will be more important than it is at the moment, but I’m glad to have banked the funds and gotten the job done.

So, Wednesday was mostly small chores.  We were supposed to be off today but there were a steady stream of campers wishing they had reserved for this weekend — we’re fully booked and there are a lot of disappointed campers it would seem. Reservations seem to be such a pain, but if you want to go where lots of people want to go — reservations are the only way to assure you’ll get what you want.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here again tomorrow if you want to chat.