Old Diary

New Rigs, Old Rigs

We enter into the first weekend of Camp Hosting with a full park and an empty bird feeder! We have now met all of the rangers, gotten through the first Friday Night Rush of “Incoming” campers, and had numerous chuckles over the strangeness of human behavior. And in the balance, I suspect that in exchange for our labor at the campground and the free site that we get — we will spend as much money buying sugar to feed the hummingbirds as we are saving on camping fees!

Holy Mackerel them “leetle” birds eat a bunch.  16 oz of sugar syrup lasts less than a day and we find ourselves being buzzed by the little buggers as if they were our own personal aeronautic acrobatic team.  It’s hard telling how many of them there are.  We know for sure there are more than 5 because we have seen at least females or immatures at any one time and there is at least 1 full grown male — ruby throat and all — around the campsite. Refill the feeder and they are Bob’s your Uncle they’re there to feed in 30 seconds!  Not just one — all of them!

It’s such a curious thing, that they should be found here in the woods were there are no obvious numbers of flowers that they are known to like.  There are some flowers along the right of way, but it’s not like there are lots of houses with plenty of colorful flowers in the gardens!!!  For those who don’t believe in the existence of God all I have to say is Bah Humbug.  There are so many miracles around us every day that we scarcely notice!  All I know for sure is the ability of critters to survive, how a bird that weighs as much as a dime can fly across the Gulf of Mexico is a miracle — repeated bird, by bird, by bird millions of times.  That’s all the “proof” I need of God’s existence.   (End of soapbox.)

New and Old

I tend not to go around walking up to people’s campsites and snapping pictures of them or their gear.  Oh, I do it occasionally — if you remember the GM caravans we saw last year.  Last night, however, I saw this van and trailer pull in and a frail old geezer get out and walk to the self-help board.


Picture courtesy of Kathryn Brylow

He had to be well into his 80’s and I generally figure that people of advance years have been around long enough to have amassed some knowledge of how the world works — thus arriving at a Wisconsin campgrounds after 7:00 p.m. on a Friday night is not quite guaranteed to be an unsuccessful endeavor.  But this guy pulled in about quarter past seven, no reservation and… ta da… we found him a spot!   We were watching the PBS series Midsomer Mysteries and Sargent Troy coined the phrase “the Wrinklies” for older people.  This gent was surely a Wrinkly! 

This weekend we have a good 80 yr range in campers (the human kind)  — from tiny infants to Octagenarians.  And there has to be a good 50 yrs age range in campers (the equipment kind). I love seeing people continuing to use vintage equipment that they have come to know and love.  I hope that when and if our Journey needs loving care maintenance that I’ll be as good about keeping up our ‘old’ coach (He says tongue-planted-firmly in cheek — for there’s no IF about whether campers and motorhome will NEED maintenance).


Penguins Guarding the Drive

On the way down the campground road Kathryn found this cute scene.  One family put two 2 foot tall Penguin statues along their drive as guards.  She drove past the first time and didn’t take a picture, but on our way back from dinner we tried to find this place and it’s amazing how many small driveways all look alike up here!  Obviously we succeeded.

Talking about getting dinner, we returned for the third time to Peg’s Pleasant View for a meal.  With Kathryn around, as I’ve said before, we try to feed her fish; that being one of Mike’s allergies and a food she doesn’t eat often at home.  So, this being Wisconsin, and the day being Friday it’s not hard to find a Fish Fry — or a buffet with fried fish on it.  To Wit:  Peg’s Pleasant View.  The food was great, as usual.  Peg and I got a Senior Discount ($2.00 off on the buffet): something you don’t see that often in small restos.


Peg Taking The Afternoon Sun

Peg is always eager when she’s expecting Kathryn’s arrival.  I did manage to get her sitting and relaxing for a while when we were waiting and there she was in the bright sun, just ‘taking the afternoon sun.’

On a negative note…

I have really appreciated the APP Google+ Local. To my mind it was an almost perfect solution for many of my needs.  However, when trying to download that app for our daughter to help her get from place to place I have made an unhappy discovery.

Google Kills Google+ Local For iOS

As of August 7 the app will be dead.  The Apple Store has already removed the app from the iTunes Store.  RIP Local.  😦