Wondering About A Vegan Diet?

I’m trying to keep my mind off real estate.  Have you guessed?

We are getting close to mobility, but the tedium of waiting is wearing. So, diversion is the name of the game.  On the food front there is also that fact that we have to pare down our pantry — again.  The last 6 months we have had more pantry space, and we have been lulled into USING that space.  We have 3+ weeks to consume the gradual accumulation of 6 months in Cudahy!  It’s not a lot of food and we wont visit the grocer quite so often for the next month.

I’m eager to get into the RV in so many ways. “Mobility” looms as both a real objective and also a symbolic goal of getting past uncertainty. It’s also a goal for our diet. In the RV a combination of limited space and more active lifestyle resulted in a healthier and lighter diet.  It’s an excuse, but we / I have been eating for the wrong reasons; the tedium means it’s easy to eat as something to do, rather than because I’m hungry. I’m eager to get back to a more plant based diet.  We were very successful with it in Journey during our on the road time last year.

We aren’t eating more than normal.  I have been cooking an easier to prepare diet, meaning I’ve been gobbling some animal protein. I’m just too distracted to to plan a decent vegetarian day’s food.  The graphic is as much for my motivation as to share.


numeral 25

Twenty-Five days till closing?

Old Diary

Back on the Wagon

Meat Free Zone

We’ve pretty much emptied out the freezer of meat.  So, once again we get back on the vegetarian bandwagon and see if we can make it a lifestyle.  How it happened that we fell OFF the wagon I’m not sure I really remember — but since we’ve been back in Cudahy we’ve been WAY off the wagon.  I’m too cheap to throw out stuff in the freezer, so we had promised ourselves about a month ago that when we exhausted the supply of self-butchered pork loins that we’d renew our determination to follow a plant based diet.

It would have been hard on our trip — we are both keen on seafood.  And I suspect that we’ll fall off the wagon for occasional seafood, even after we get mobile again.  In fact I was surprised that while we were down South — with all that wonderful produce growing in fields around us that it was so difficult finding decent salads.  What gives with that?


One only-minor-challenge is to find recipes using tahini.  I’ve got this really large bottle of tahini that we bought (last summer) and haven’t yet opened.  Usually we use it only for hummus but I was bound and determined to find other ways of using this tasty nut-butter.

Recipe BoxAlong the same line, I’m going to post some recipes as part of the blog so that I can find them when I want them (I know, I keep telling you this blog is as much for me as it is for you).  Right now I’m kind of focussed on avocados and tahini — over time I’m sure there will be a pretty wide variety — there’s almost nothing I don’t like to eat.

One of the treats during our Florida stay was some education on the variety in avocados.  I never dreamt there were as many different varieties!  And sizes.  We found some that weren’t much larger than a golf ball and others that were larger than a grapefruit.  There was nearly as much difference in flavor as in size.  And they are a good natural source for fats as well as for nutrition.  This is a great chart showing the variety.  (click on the chart for a larger version)

Avocado Poster

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do about desserts…. that’s a bigger challenge than giving up steak.   I don’t eat a lot of desserts during most of the year.  But once in a while (when traveling) I go dessert crazy.