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Three Weeks From Today

Tempus crawleth….

I’d like to say that Tempus Fugit, but sadly that’s not the case. Today was a day of forward movement but not at our normal pace.  Yet and all, it was forward motion and not reverse!

calm life

It’s OK to be happy with a calm life!

Before I go further I have to say something.  In this long selling process I have come across some of the most interesting and fascinating people.  These are all people I never would have met had it not been for the sale process and I’m happy to have met almost all of them. It’s sometimes been nice I didn’t have to have them in my life for a long time – different personalities and all – but by and large they have been nice, kind, interesting people.  Meeting people was one of the reasons I enjoyed my work as a photographer, and other jobs I had earlier in my life.  My carping about the sale hasn’t been about the people, just about the need to wait for other people to make decisions.

I came across this graphic today and I think I’m going to own this as my own for a few weeks – or maybe even a few months!  After this house selling I think we’ve earned it.

The one exciting part of today was picking up the cushions for Journey‘s dinette from John the Upholsterer.  After dealing with contractors this morning we ran over to John’s just before lunch time and we were delighted with the job he did.

Here are two shots — one of the fabric (under sunlight) and one of the two back cushions.



back cushions

back cushions

I know that in the grand scheme of things two upholstered cushions aren’t a bit issue.  But in the small world we live in — a world that was designed by the engineers at Winnebago these are a few things that we have been able to do to make our new “home” uniquely ours.  We are content that the fabric will work out well with the original fabric that still exists on the cabinetry part of the dinette.  We have a little fabric leftover that we can use on the two drawers beneath the seating — which will extend the reach of the cushion fabric.  Together with the new sofa which is also in the blue-green range and the new wood flooring these changes will make a huge difference in how she looks when you enter.  We’re really excited!

Beyond that it was a retiree’s normal day for us.

I am thinking a bit about our coach tires.  I want to double check the build codes on them – they have a lot of tread on them — but then so do most RV tires — even after they have failed.  The usable life of coach tires is most often determined more by age than mileage — We won’t be doing a lot of driving this summer:  the stops we have reserved only amount to about 1200 miles between June 3 and September 17.  You’ll remember I said we wanted to give ourselves some time to decompress at our own pace and to get moved back into the coach with a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

So, I’ll give some thought to how old the rubber is when we get Journey back from Elkhart. I could have tackled that during the winter but I guess I wanted to get the house sold before thinking about that.

numeral 21

Twenty-One more days till closing?

Well, that’s about it for today.

I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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Wait, wait, wait

I enjoy watching old movies — mostly because of the black and white images, partly because of the “different” world I see there.  One of the most interesting aspects to me has been how old movies treat servants.  I should say going in that the idea of living with a servant is absolutely repulsive — I would hate having someone else living in a house with me and waiting on me to give them things to do.  That just isn’t our thing.  But….

Right now Peg & I are sort of getting our chance to pretend we are the servants!  That is, from the aspect that we are awaiting inspection contingencies for our contract.  Sort of waitin’ on Massa’ to decide what he’s doing and hence what we have to do!  home inspection

  • We anticipate a home inspection sometime in the next 120 hours.
  • We anticipate an appraiser through the property sometime in the next 240 hours.

You’ve probably seen some of those old movies where the butler seems to be awake at any and every hour of the day just a-waitin’ on the man of the house to return home, or the cook with something always ready to eat in the kitchen?  Living a self-less life is an interesting sensation.


An ancient annunciator panel for the household servants

I think Debbie tired us both out because we were both tuckered and not in a big hurry to tackle much of anything. I got the new LED bulbs install in Journey.  Now the only high energy lights left are the ceiling fluorescents and I’m going to wait to see how much boondocking we do before changing them out.

I got the DISH receiver up into the cabinet — still have to Velcro it in place — but everything fits nicely.  I’ll wait until the 1st of May to do the paperwork and get an account set up. We’ll end up paying for 1 month we won’t be using — so that I can get the system in and installed and any trouble-shooting done before we head out of Milwaukee.


sewing upholsteryOn this front, yesterday proved to be less productive than I had thought.  I had good hopes of taking the cushions to someone I thought might be our cushion re-upholstering solution only to find he was not.  Nor was my second option.  Our third option can do the job but not in the time provided, and for more money than I want to spend.  Our fourth option hasn’t returned phone calls or emails.  So, I’m at sixes and sevens.

We did visit three fabric stores, and at the last store we found a fabric we like.  Our granddaughter’s sewing machine isn’t heavy enough to do the work ourselves — and for that matter I don’t think either Peg or My sewing skills are up for that challenge.  We’re in a sort of holding pattern here too.  I’ll see if we get a response today.  It would be nice to give someone local the business.  If that doesn’t work we might be forced to use Bradd & Hall even if they have to ship the cushions a week or two after we have picked up Journey.

numeral 38

thirty eight days before closing

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Back in the Saddle

Back home and back in the saddle. We thought our agent was going to drop our key off on Sunday — and perhaps we might find whether the buyer did their home inspection over the weekend but no luck. On the way home Peggy brought up the subject of whether we should consider having the dinette cushions re-upholstered.  We had talked about doing this while in Elkhart and I thought we had decided against doing so — but evidently I should have taken that conversation to mean that I had decided against it but she was still thinking about it.  At the moment we are two weeks to drop off in Elkhart and I don’t know if Bradd & Hall would have time to procure the material in time, or whether we have enough money in our budget to pay for the work. It looks like I need to get on the horn and check it out.  Also there’s a local upholsterer who might be able to do the job — and we could give him the cushions any time now, and he would have more time to do the job — but we don’t know the cost at either location.  So, time to get some quotes. The list of projects ahead is shaping up, I think I’ll have enough time to get them all done.


Nina & Pinta Replicas

While we were with Debbie, we got to talking about her dad who is volunteering on the Nina or the Pinta (TheNina.com). Their sailing schedule has changed and we might b able to meet up with him on the boat in June or July.  Doing so might require a re-timing of our two planned Corps of Engineers stops — I’ll have to investigate whether that’s do-able.  It would be nice to meet up with him on the boat.

Peg also realized that with Michael and Kathryn turning part of the new building into residential quarters that we will have to change our mailing address yet one more time.  And get new licenses, and checks, and … well, you now the drill.  First we need to find out what the address for their residence will be — different from the business address — and that is pending approval of their building plans and discussion with the Post Office.

Because I still carry my commercial drivers license I’ll have to change addresses in person at a state facility — so, we might need to hang out near Wisconsin for longer than we thought.  It could happen that we reprise The Summer of the Mississippi and return to some of the other campgrounds we visited last year.  All of that is still under advisement — we’ll sort out the details over the next couple weeks, making reservation changes if necessary.  I’ll keep you posted.

numeral 39

Thirty Nine more Days Till Closing