Old Diary

Short on Time

20121224160519001I’m not sur where the day got to, but it sure didn’t get spent writing.

I’ve had these two images in my file for a few days and seeing as my mind is on tomorrow or the next day’s blog entry I decided to share this one now.

It’s typewriter art.  If you take a look at the ink strokes they are assorted keystrokes.  They were made on the typewriter in the second image.

I’ll be back to writing tomorrow — my thoughts for the day were more complicated to get down in an understandable fashion than I thought and 20121224160441001I simply didn’t finish.

So, as we look forward to 2″-4″ of white stuff I’ll see if I can’t get finished sometime tomorrow.  Depending on how long I spend on HOLD — these end of the year financial tweaks seem to take longer and longer each year.

Cheers and stay dry and warm.