Old Diary

Gone Fishin’ Without a Rod

FISHING-ROD-AND-FISHWe spent all day yesterday looking for a grocery with a good seafood department!  Well, not really ALL day.  Actually, it was only a small PART of the day.  But when Kathryn comes to visit we like to feed her what she doesn’t get much at home (with a husband who has seafood allergies) — but this time I think she’s gonna get meat or vegetarian fare.  Sorry Katy.   Actually, she eats everything, and it’s just parents being parents who like to give their ‘little girl’ (now a lovely grown woman) what she likes.  But to be 100% honest we had a lot more on our plate yesterday than wandering around in groceries!

We had 5 days before we start our Camp Hosting position and yesterday was the perfect day to get out of the campgrounds and do a few errands that would take longer than we might want to spend away from the campgrounds after we start hosting.  For one, there were a couple things we wanted to get from Camping World — which is the opposite side of the Twin Cities from here — fully 80 miles each way.  But it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the temps were down to the 80’s and I was mostly looking for an excuse to get in the car and DRIVE.  So we did.

Camping World isn’t the best store in the world.  Some of their prices are a tad high.  But, they cater to RV’ers, and they have a lot of things that are hard to find elsewhere.  I’ve been to this same branch three times now — twice last year and yesterday.  There are other branches that have better stock but the store in Rogers is a decent place to go for RV supplies.


Our ‘gift’ from Camping World!!!!!

I admit to being totally confused however. We got up to the register to check out our couple minor purchases and we were given a Christmas ornament!  Ok — so I’m sure a lot of their customers are arm-chair campers and maybe some of them never even get their camping gear out of the driveway but what am I supposed to do with a glass Christmas Tree Ornament that says:  Good Sam Club?  Little, breakable things that clutter up the place just don’t seem to be the smartest “gift”.  I remember stepping on a broken ornament once at home — in bare feet.  OUCHY!  I’m sad to say but if I’d seen it in the bag when we were at the store I’d have handed it back to the clerk – I’m afraid now it just goes into the trash.


We DID drive right through the middle of the Twin Cities (on I-94) instead of taking the bypass around town.  It seems that the bypass has been under reconstruction forever and the trip was quite easy without excessive traffic — whereas the bypass was backed way the heck up!  I have to get Peggy to think about taking some through the window pictures but here’s a bad picture of the State Capitol from the highway just to prove we were really THERE!


Our ‘steering wheel table’

The biggest reason for the trip was to get a step for outside the door and a ‘steering wheel table’ — we got the table, and we passed on the step.  I’ll order the step from Amazon instead, maybe next week or so.  The table we bought and it’s now set up on top of our steering wheel just like it’s supposed to be.  I know ‘steering wheel table’ isn’t a everyday item for those who live in brick and mortar homes but when you have 230 sq ft to live in that space above the steering wheel can be considered ‘wasted’ unless you can find a good way of salvaging it — and putting a table there is a great way of doing just that.

When we start hosting we’ll be using our printer for a page or two every day.  The steering wheel table will be just the place to put the printer — and leave it — for all the time we’re here.  No dragging it out from under the sofa every day.  The rest of the time I think it will be home to our lamp! (picture of lamp and table to come — once I find an extension cord!)

Ok — enough ramblin’ for one day.

Y’all have a great day and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.