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Next Year I’d Sure Like To Be Here

Anticipating our own closing on June 7, we could not make the Blanco TX Lavender Festival this year, but next spring might just find us here…

10 Adventures in Texas’ Hidden Hill Country

Between the Lavender festival, swimming in Bluebonnets, and picking peaches — this sounds like a little bit of heaven.

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Thirty Three more Days…

Today is home inspection day.  As you know we are out of town just so we got a good nights’ sleep Saturday night and so we had somewhere to be all day Sunday while the inspection was going on.

We’re still optimistic that we have a deal, but so far as I know the inspection today and the results of whatever testing they may or may not do are the final hurdle before closing.  They have a few days for testing results — normal enough.  And no matter what happens we head out for Elkhart a week from tomorrow to get the flooring done in Journey as well as the new sofa installed.

It’s an exciting time and a frustrating time, not only for us, but for Michael and Kathryn who are awaiting our closing so that they can proceed with renovations on their building and their new residence.  So, fingers crossed…  All we can do is wait.


Old Diary, Travel

Heading Back Home

A pleasant visit with old friends and today we head back to Cudahy.

I’m not sure how to describe our outlook for post closing travel.  We are both aware that some of our decisions are skewed.  Blame it on tension, or stress, or who knows what…  We have reached a conclusion which gives us about a month worth of plans.

We need to be out of the school by the 3rd or 4th of June, but I need to be around to talk with our attorney AFTER the closing.  We’re hoping to get an early-in-the-day closing making possible a Friday afternoon attorney meeting — but can’t count on that.

So…. we decided to plan one week of easy access to Milwaukee followed by one month of decompression time. After that we are agreed to head out on our unscripted life with undefined destinations.

Ta Da!

June 3-12 we’re in Bong Recreation Area — one of the Wisconsin State Parks that we’ve never stayed in but have walked.  With some nice trails it’s the perfect place to hang out for a week and a half.

  • close enough to Milwaukee to make repeat visits if necessary
  • less expensive than the State Fair Park RV park
  • plenty of exercise opportunities
  • close to Home Depot’s and such in case we have fresh-from-de-winterizing issues

June 12-26 – Blackhawk Park – De Soto WI — back to the Corps of Engineers campground.  Lots of space to walk, not too far of a drive, and familiar territory — time to just set-a-piece, relax after anticipating the closing and rushing to get things done.

June 26-July 10 – Thomson Causeway – Thomson IL — another 2 weeks in familiar Corps facilities.  Again, lots of space to walk, some trails we  never got to walk last summer.

After that we’re still making decisions:

  • Part of us is inclined to pay our mandatory visit to Peg’s brother and S-I-L in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. They are getting up in years and a visit is a good idea.
  • I have been thinking that we would spend our first winter in TX — but if we do that it doesn’t make much sense to head way West — whether to CA, or OR or WA
  • We are eager to check out Hemet CA where a friend of our has settled after moving from Milwaukee.

Clearly we have conflicted ideas about what to do, but we haven’t been able to focus on the future long enough to sort them out.  The month of quiet will give us that time.  Stay tuned.

On a more touristy train of thought we had a really interesting tour though the Dana Thomas House — Frank Lloyd Wright’s first open checkbook commission. It’s quite an amazing building, built at the beginning of the 20th century.  Walking through I seemed to remember other Wright buildings that we have toured as being brighter — but this one seemed quite dark and oppressive.

We are (fingers crossed) counting down the 40 remaining days.numeral 40


Port Isabel Lighthouse

This image is a couple years old but I had time to work on it recently.

Constructed in 1852, the Point Isabel Lighthouse was built to protect and guide ships through Brazos Santiago Pass and the barrier islands. In 1952, the Lighthouse was opened as a State Park and remains the only lighthouse on the Texas Gulf coast open to the public. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage which is on the grounds of the Lighthouse, is open to the public and houses the Chamber of Commerce and the Port Isabel Visitors Center.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Old Diary

The Idiosyncrasies of Software

Oh, the Software God’s are Whimsical

Moving a blog from one version of software to another seems to do funny things. Take “categories” and “tags” for example. I count myself fortunate in having a current backup to make the transition, but after I imported my file I discovered that;

  • I needed to condense my Categories — evidently I was being sloppy — because I seemed to have more categories and I ever remember assigning.
  • WordPress seems to have like some Tags so much that it repeated them. I was looking for articles tagged “travel” and discovered that the program had generated no less than 14 different tags called “travel” and assigned slugs (the program’s own way of keeping track of things) numbered “travel, travel-1, travel-2, … travel-13”. Just why this should be so I have no idea but I found the all, and some other aberrations, and have been working happily along to find greater consistency somewhere along the line. I’ve never been a great one for consistency so I don’t know how long that will last. But that is also why I hate categorization — a subject I have mentioned at length on a few occasions.

I have more glitches to find, and I need to reattach a lot of images, I am finding, but I think the return to WordPress.com will end up being worth the tail-chasing.

Office Re-Painting Complete

With Kathryn’s help, we got the office re-paint completed in record time. I picked her up about 9 a.m., we cooked and ate breakfast together and yet we were finished with the room by noon. One person on “roller” and two more “cutting in” and the job goes quickly as long as you don’t stumble all over each other.20121021-112359.jpg

It turns out that the color chip I posted yesterday is not a very good representation of the color in the room. Here’s a picture of the color on the wall.  We picked the lightest “white” we could find that used a beige additive so that the white would not conflict with the brown in the flooring.

If you have looked at paints as much as we have you realize that white is not white.  If you are tinting white to match an environment you add small amounts of colors, and a white tinted with blues or greens will look very different from this.  Thus you get your “cool whites” and “warm whites”, etc.

We are happy with the result.  I have a wall panel that needs contact-cementing to the upright — those old 50’s-ish room dividers put in by the Cudahy School Board in 1954 have dried out and some of the adhesive has failed — but I have the contact cement and will take care of that this week.

On to the Day

What a beautiful day here; cool but clear and sunny, and almost time for us to take a walk. We really need to find some rhythm to life here in Cudahy, though that may be a while in coming with our trip to Charleston SC and Savannah GA coming up in just a week.  It will be fun traveling with Kathryn.

I’ll print a route tonight or tomorrow.  I don’t have a graphic for that right now.

Next Saturday we leave here early in the A.M. for a week of fun and games together.  This was originally intended to be the week Kathryn headed South with us before we decided we should spend the winter in town waiting on a deal for the house.  But as long as she had the time coming and we had one destination we wanted to hit without Journey, we decided to make a trip with her anyway. The original plan had been traveling with us to Memphis, and then she would fly home and we would continue our wandering South towards Texas.  Now we’ll be in town through as much of the winter as is necessary and all three of us will return home by car.

Well, Peggy is chomping at the bit for exercise, so, TTLY