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Before Light Weight Camping

I have been camping since I was a wee tyke. My parents took me weekend camping and vacation camping from the time I was about 4 or 5 years old.  In those days there was no such thing as light weight anything.  I came across this image and it brought back so many fond memories I wanted to share it.

Before most people every dreamt of RV’ing a lot of us were out in the woods camping the hard way:  with pounds and pounds and pounds of gear. This old Ford has been modified more than my dad ever modified any of our family cars (notice the custom boat mount on the roof). My dad was one of those guys who had bought into newer is better; and he traded station wagons every two years like clockwork.  (a lot of people got some really good used cars)

Coleman White Gas Stove

Coleman White Gas Stove

Dad did make custom storage boxes that sat at the end station wagon so that we could cook on the tailgate.  We had our white gas stove, our aluminum nested pots, and all those little goodies that you have when you go camping.  I still remember how heavy those things were to move off the station wagon and onto the picnic table.  It was racoon proof, and to the best of our knowledge it was bear proof too — which only means that we never put anything into the boxes that a bear might want. But I guess that’s not bear-proof at all. 🙂


At any rate, camping back then was a lot more hard work.  And sometimes it’s fun to look back and remember how sore my young muscles got lugging all that stuff around.

I’m glad that today our gear can now be weighed in ounces instead of tens of pounds.  But that doesn’t mean it’s any more fun.  And there’s no way to change the way the parks and forests have filled up with people.  There’s no going back.  But…. life is good and camping is fun whether it’s in a tent, on foot backpacking, or in Journey.