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Mrs P, This One’s For You

One of my readers offered some comments on that travel plan map I posted yesterday and in responding I got to thinking about the wonderful Live Oak in St. Augustine Florida.  It’s called the Old Senator and has been core tested to be at least 600 years old.  It was around when Ponce de Leon discovered the so-called Fountain of Youth in 1513

The Old Senator, St Augustine, FL

The Old Senator, St Augustine, FL

Anyway… I just wanted to share this big old monster with y’all. Someone built a motel around it and The Old Senator has survived the infringement on its territory.  Last I knew the motel was owned by Howard Johnson’s but that may have changed since last I saw it.

And as long as I’m posting tree pictures, here’s another one of mine from a couple years ago.



We’re getting rained on with a forecast to change to snow — so I think I’m staying home today.