Old Diary

Simplify By Choice

At the moment this is a particularly apt saying for me.  The thing I find fascinating is that living simply is something we in the so-called developed nations seem to have to do consciously.  Those living in developing nations, those we in the U.S. so often think of as backwards and unsophisticated don’t have as much of a problem.  In part because they lack some of the distractions and toys we have here.

It seems we have to consciously DECIDE to live simply, to divest ourselves of the distractions that get between us and living.

This “side track” here in Cudahy while we wait to sell the school sometimes takes our mind off our prime directive, to simplify and live in the moment.  But reminders are good as long as you aren’t defensive about doing your best.  It’s good to re-evaluate whether you’re still on track.

The main thing
is to keep the Main Thing
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