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Homecoming in the Rain

Believe it or not I’ve never been to a homecoming parade before yesterday.  And Saturday was my day to make up for that.  Peg and I drove back to the Springfield area to take in the homecoming parade of one of our friends daughters.  It’s a small town and it was cool (low 50’s) and it was raining…. but a good time was had by all.

Eariler in the day we did some grocery shopping for the next few days.  While we were out we were planning on having breakfast at one of the restos in town that got good reviews on Trip Advisor — only to find that it had changed hands, so we went THERE instead.

2014100309504203After the parade our friends wanted to take US out for dinner so we tried out a place none of them had been to, called Angus Bailey’s in Carlinvile.  The food was ok but the conversation was terrific.  It’s always good to spend time with friends.  Laughter is better than food and sharing stories about what good friends have been up to over the last year is always great fun.  Delbert has been crewing on the replicas of the Nina and the Pinta (you know — Columbus’ ships, 1492 and all that).  And he’s been taking on projects through an internet finding service that matches people with skills and people with small projects to be done.  HELPX.net  Anyway… it’s always fun to spend good times with good people.   Tomorrow Debbie and Delbert will visit us in the Ambassador, and I’m sure we’ll carry on where we left off.

We had a lot of rain overnight.  But not nearly as much as areas near us.  Near Girard and Virden (IL) they supposedly had as much as 7″ of  rain in 3 days… for Illinois that’s a LOT of rain.  60 miles away where we were there have been about 2.5″ over the last 48 hours.

For a quiet day, that’s about it.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


Old Diary

An Easy 300


Leaving Wisconsin we are now in the land of the Flatlanders!

Leaving Bong at about 10:00 gave us plenty of time to make our destination, Coon Creek Recreation Area, before the 5:00 checkin time.  Our friends from Springfield warned us about bad weather but other than a just enough drizzle to put our wipers on the slowest intermittent  speed and cruise on down the road.

2014100215042402The Coach and our Toad looked fine today.  I’m still a little embarrassed that THIS is our home. 🙂  I’m so happy with this coach.  We get so many compliments on how she looks and pretty much ever where we go people are interested in her.  But my joy is less about other people liking her, and more about the way she handles on the highway!  Everytime I take her out I am amazed at how much easier she handles on the highway than our old Winnebago Journey.  She’s so much more stable in the wind, especially!  And with headwinds all day today, that meant a lot!


This is NOT where the silverleaf will live, but for today it was a good place to evaluate the data. I am beginning to get ideas about where I want the final location to be.

The Silverleaf worked fine.  The mileage on the coach from mile one (10 years ago) has been 7.8 .  Since buying her we have been doing better on every single fill, and today when I had a long enough drive for the mileage number to mean anything I was glad zoo that we are pulling down pretty close to 8.8 even with the headwind.  Not bad for a coach her size, pulling a toad.

20141002172831042014100217290905This is our site at Coon Creek.  Site Number 40.  It’s not a full hookup site — we have 50 amp. power and that’s all.  But that’s all we need.

We Got in late enough that after dinner we didn’t do much exploring; heck we didn’t do any exploring.  We see that there is construction going on in the campgrounds — some areas are closed — probably for the season as their season here ends October 12 — a few days after we leave.   It would be nice to check out the whole campground together; but tomorrow we have plans to meet up with our Springfield friends, and Saturday they’ll be visiting us at the campground.  So, any serious exploration will wait till Sunday.

I managed to get us a Southerly view — but that doesn’t mean we get a clear view to satellites — there are trees in the viewing window.  Oh well, we get a bunch of air stations.  Good enough for a week.

Getting ready to leave, and setting up upon arrival are getting easier.   That’s good.  After not going through that routine for 10 months it’s taking a little time to get back to the point that we each have our own jobs and each knows what to do.  The little walkie-talkies we bought a few months ago have been very helpful.  Easier to rely upon WORDS than hand signals that aren’t always distinct enough, or the meanings of which get forgotten from one setup to another.

I had a couple projects while we are here; nothing much but on the way down today I thought about a simple basement reorganization that would make a lot of sense for our departure routine.  So, once again long standing ideas may get delayed to work on something that seems more pressing.

By moving things around in the basement I’ll be able to open one of the two interlocking side bays, and not have to open the first door to get into the second door.  When the slides are retracted it’s not a big deal.  But when the slides are extended then you’re crawling around on your knees to get into those doors.  Little thoughtful changes like that make a difference in daily life. Storing things so that the ones most used are easiest to reach– not hardest (as they are now because I didn’t think about how I used the traffic side of the coach — the bay that is closest to the water/dump bay).  If we get a dry day I’ll get on this for sure.

The did have serious rain before our arrival.  Everything is wet and muddy; and the air is heavy with water.  There’s only one day of rain in the forecast but weather changes… so we’ll see what happens.  I’d like to get some more little organizing chores completed here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

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Settling In Gradually Just Before Moving Day

You know that I have been grousing about how unorganized we have been in the Ambassador, well, the last few days have seen quantum leaps forward — just before we make another move.

Sunday is moving day. It’s not much of a move — just back to the state park that we left 1 1/2 weeks ago.  But it gives us a cheaper place {at 1/2 the daily rate} to wait for one more shipment to arrive.  I suppose we could have scheduled a shorter stay there but the weather has been nice and we aren’t in any hurry to leave.

But in advance of our departure I have been a madman getting around to chores I have been putting off literally for months.

I talked about a first go at reorganizing the basement storage bays — I’m happy with that.  Saturday I finally got around to organizing my office!

My office, liberated from clutter.

My office, liberated from clutter.

I can finally have my graphics tablet out on the desk and use it.  I found a better solution for wiring my cell phone signal booster that has the inside antenna where it should be instead of where I could manage not to get feedback from the outside antenna.  {Two antennas too close to each other is like having your microphone and your speaker to close to each other.} The ‘window seat’ at the back of the coach is no longer cluttered with papers, my library is at least partially organized, and a lot of electronic clutter has — POOF — disappeared!

2014092713521503Along with organizing the office came finding shorter cords so that I could put the Silverleaf components in place for travel.  I’m really excited to see how this works.  I did discover one downer.  I had ordered adhesive disks so that I could move my GPS a little further to one side, only to discover that the disks are advertised to be one size and in fact they are slightly undersized — enough that the suction cup on the bracket will not seal against the surface.  So — back to the drawing board on that one.

2014092713514601And … as an added bonus… while we were out looking for other things we came across a clearance sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They had computer tables {yup — remember all that work to get a table that would fit over my driver’s seat!} that were the right size to fit over my seat and marked down to 30% of retail.  I bought one and while I may not use it as much as the one I paid to have re-designed I will use it considerably.  So, I’m happy with that too.

We’ll have to kill a little bit of time on our relocation today.  We have to be out of the Fair RV park by noon, but we can’t pull into Bong until 3 p.m. — maybe  a little grocery shopping to stock up on braunschweiger and  and a few other things before we leave town.

Ok — that’s if for today.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.