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Find Me a Welder!

I’m getting tired of messing around with this computer table.  So I’m going to take matters in my own hands and find me a welder.   There’s a shop in Reedsport called Umpqua Industrial Supply that the Forest Service uses and I’m hoping if I take a drawing along that maybe they can do the cutting and welding for me.  I can repaint what needs repainting black after they’re done.

I think I figured out my problem

I think I figured out my problem

The base doesn’t have the casters on it any more — I removed them long ago, and simply put furniture slides on the bottom of the lower rails.

Removing the front legs and supporting the front  with angles will give me enough strength.  Removing the curved brace will lose a little stability but If need be I can always use wire ties to strengthen that one cross member.

The revised table will slide under my driver’s seat; it won’t be too wide and as a result collide with the steering wheel, and it’s still the same size as my current table.  I like it.  I think it will work.

Some time this week I hope to get to the welder — or someone he suggests who might do the job better.

Wish me luck.

Old Diary

Where’s the Bar, Son…

Saturday was an interesting day. I’m left with as many questions as answer.

Saturday TripBeing a Wisconsinite by birth and history I’m still coping with how Wisconsin and Oregon differ.  We drove to Junction City in search of a better computer table and after making a wrong turn the last time we attempted taking route 36, we decided to avoid the same mistake by doing the route in reverse — starting at our intended end point on the last trip.  The approach fooled our Rand McNally GPS and we ended up on the route we wanted.

I absolutely love OR 36. For one thing there’s not much traffic.  On the West side of the Coastal Range the road follows a rapidly flowing river with numerous white water sections.  On the Eastern side of the Coastal peak (1066 ft) we enter into wide, lush valleys that just took our breath away — even in the fog and rain that dogged our tail-lights.

We took that route for about 50 miles and nearing the end of that stretch it dawned on me:  we hadn’t seen something.  In Wisconsin it’s hard to drive more than 5 or maybe 10 miles on a state highway before you see a bar, a resto, a convenience store or a church.  Wisconsinites like to spend time with other Wisconsinites!  For that entire trip I saw one small grocery and one dilapidated looking church.  That’s it.  The population density along the way seemed similar to parts of Northern Wisconsin that I’m comparing it with.  Not a lot of people but a steady string of homes along both sides of the road.

It makes me wonder about other things.  Per capita there seem fewer restos no matter where we are outside the major metropolitan areas.  Springfield, and Portland have plenty of them.  The smaller places, not so much.

We went in search of a better computer table.  And we struck out.  We did purchase one but on Sunday we make the trip back to return it.  This was the Coleman table I mentioned a few days ago.  It came close, but a detail I had not noticed before — the angle of the steering wheel — prevents anything that extends vertically beyond the left side of the driver’s chair from sliding back into the position I want.   Financially, it’s almost a wash whether it will cost more to return it (with fuel and wear & tear on the car)  than to keep it.  But it’s a Sunday and if the weather isn’t too bad we’ll enjoy the drive even if it’s a waste of gas. We’ve driven further than that for a meal,  and this area is still new to us — we’ll find lots of things to see.

computertableWe found another supplier in Junction City where we could get a custom table built.  They have a model that looks nice, but at $460 for a computer table that’s more than I really want to spend.   I need the widespread feet, but I’ll do a lot of other things before I spend that much for that product.  Unless I can’t find a better solution.

I might even try making a pipe frame table.  I’ve done that before.  It’s not posh, but for what I want it may be a workable solution. More on this project as it morphs!

Somehow I'm going to get this computer to slide out of the pathway to the exit!

Somehow I’m going to get this computer to slide out of the pathway to the exit!

We stopped off at China Sun for lunch again.  They have a really terrific Hot & Sour Soup in addition to a really nice, diverse, and well prepared buffet.  After eating too much we started off towards home and discovered one drawback to living in Eugene.  The Willamette River flows through town and there are very limited bridge options to get from one side to the other.  We sat in traffic on the bypass route for a good hour — inching along 1/2 a car length at a time.  Need to find a better solution to that one!

The varieties of Green

So, we’ve been in Oregon before this, and we knew how green it could be.  But…

As we have come through the change of seasons we continue to be amazed at the variety of green.  From Autumn, through Winter, and not into Spring it just seems there’s no end to the shades and tints of green to be found.  We’re looking forward to the best times of year now.  We have lived through the worst (that this year had to offer) and from here on in everything else is (relatively speaking) duck soup.

Fog still finds it’s place in our life almost every day.  Sometimes several times.  Rain is still almost a daily occurrence;  Saturday morning we were deluged several times for a few minutes and then mist.  By the time we returned home there was sun to be seen!  Always lovely even in the rain.

Thanks for stopping by,  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.