Old Diary

Midweek Meander

Wednesday — It’s not hump-day for us, it’s the end of our weekend. With the sun in the sky it’s also a beautiful day for a drive — and we haven’t been going anywhere or doing very much recently, so why not.  (is that sentence long enough for you?)  😀

I’m not always careful enough to make the distinction Hilaire Belloc makes.

“I have wandered all my life, and I have also traveled;
the difference between the two being this,
that we wander for distraction,
but we travel for fulfillment.”

– Hilaire Belloc

That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with the idea that all travel doesn’t accomplish the same result.


Wednesday’s short jaunt

I don’t think I talk a lot about our motivation for RV’ing. Maybe I do and don’t realize it — perception isn’t always reality.  But I do think that travel — going from place to place — can be a choice made for multiple reasons.  Perhaps more than just distraction or fulfillment.

I have known folks who traveled as a means to escape.  Personally, I don’t think that’s an effective strategy.  What we seek to escape may just up and follow us — and by that I really mean that we never succeed in leaving the whatever-we-seek-to-escape behind.

I have known folks who traveled to do so as a way of proving a  point.  It’s sort of “YES, I CAN do this, no matter what you say.”  We can be proving something to others, or to ourselves.  Perhaps we’ve been afraid of travel, or our liberties have been restricted and travel is simply (to the traveler) a sign of achieving ultimate independence.

Yeah — there can be a lot of reasons why one hops in the car, or on the train, or tolerate the security lines at the airport to fly.  And Hilaire’s two reasons do still make sense.

Distraction and Fulfillment

People who write about travel obviously do it from their own perspective.  They see the world through personally colored glasses.  They — we — I — write from our own biases and prejudices.  They — we — I tend to think that everyone is as they, and I really think that’s the only way most of us can think.  So, when we read quotations about travel we are — obviously — seeing one person’s take on travel.  The result, it would seem to me, is that travel writers inevitably over simplify.

This idea that there are two diametrically opposed aspects of travel is something I think has widespread application.  We might not all call the results or the intentions by the same terms but there is a difference between activities one does  in an effort to grow, and activities one does when all they want is relaxation.  If we’re of a mind to learn, explore, check off bucket-list items, etc., then we go into our travels or other activities with a questioning mind, with a hunger for novelty — as we rarely grow as a result of seeing the same old thing over and over again. Then again, there are times that we simply want to coast-through life for a while. We aren’t interested in challenging our fears, we aren’t interested in learning new skills — all we want is a distraction from the ebb and flow of normal life; a break from the tensions and pressures of life.

I think it would be foolish to suggest that any RV’er has one or the other as their reason for full time RV’ing.  Full timing is not just travel — travel is a part of normal living as a full timer, so the common ways of thinking about travel don’t exactly apply to RV’ers.

Thinking about the ways travel impacts us on varying levels though is something I use when we are making future plans.  It’s important to insert time for growth, and to insert time for relaxation.  RV’ing, or full timing, isn’t just about criss-crossing the country endlessly; if you spent all your time doing every touristy activity you’d spend a bundle and end up exhausted.  Nor is RV’ing just about sitting back in a lawn chair doing nothing.  That would get boring in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.  Life is about balance.  RV’ing is about balance too — as full time RV’ing is just another way of living.

Treasure Island RV Park

treasure island rv parkFor anyone who cares, we had heard about the Treasure Island (MN) RV park, it’s adjacent to the Treasure Island Casino and several of our campers have arrived here at Highland Ridge from prior nights staying there.

It’s OK if what you want is to park on an asphalt parking lot.  There are picnic tables at each site but really, you have no privacy, and you are parked cheek by jowl next to the next unit if you have a neighbor next to you.  It’s not a place Peg and I would be quick to try.  But I can see how, in a pinch — or if you liked gambling — it might be a worthwhile stop.

Redwing MN

Red_Wing_MN_-_downtown Uniquely Minnesota

Along the way we drove through Redwing MN.  On another day — after they finish a major downtown repaving project — this would be a lovely town to explore.  The city has preserved much of it’s historic downtown architecture; finding new ways to utilize lovely old buildings.  It’s laid out for easy pedestrian exploration.  I think we’ll check it out later in the summer and if the downtown is still embroiled in compactors and pavers we may put off exploration until our next visit to the area — but it’s definitely a community that I found appealing and would like to explore.

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.