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I’m Having a Heart Attack

Well, not ME exactly.  My Heart Interface.  Which is brand-name speak for the power inverter control panel in Journey.  I’m wondering if any readers might have an idea the cause.  We’re planning on getting her in for service but some advance troubleshooting might be helpful.

2:38PM  — UPDATE
Our good friend Delbert suggested that the problem might be condensation caused by cold storage all winter and puttering around in it with out the heat on.  She’s plugged into shore power and I turned on a heater aimed at the control panel area.  Also turned on two of the ceiling fans to exhaust some of the stale air.  After a couple hours the quantity of blinking lights seems to have reduced by 1/3 so Del might have hit the nail on the head.  As we weren’t having any issues with the Heart Interface before storage in October this sounds like a reasonable “failure.”  I’m keeping it heated and we’ll see what happens by tomorrow afternoon.  

What’s happening?

The Heart Interface panel shows the current status of batteries, DC charge, DC amperage draw and incoming power levels.  Normally those lights glow steadily.

When we cranked her up a few days ago we noticed something quite different.  With the engine running,  or the generator running, or when plugged into shore power (at the moment that means the 110 V extension cord from the house) those little green and yellow light go winky-blinky, winky-blinky, winky-blinky, winky-blinky, winky-blinky,  all over the place.  Different lights, different columns, a fairly consistent rate of blink — but not what they are supposed to do.

It’s been suggested by 2 RV service advisors that it might be low voltage in the house batteries.  We ran the Genset for a couple hours and now we have her plugged into shore power.  And the digital charge meter (a separate panel) shows 14 volts, which would indicate the house batteries are charged.

We haven’t disconnected any of the batteries over winter — so it isn’t a case where we RE-CONNECTED anything to the wrong terminal. The batteries are 18 months old.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Not sure if we can get her in for service this coming week (we have other jobs to be done while she’s in the shop — so that will happen whether or not we figure out what’s up.