Old Diary, RV Living

Clogged Shower Update

I think I forgot to update you on the shower drain problem from a month ago.  See what happens when you’re having fun?  You forget all about those little details that keep life interesting. rv_water_system
It’s a good update! It really is.

The second time we had a backed up shower turned out not to be a problem with neglecting to drain the gray water tank at all.  I don’t now how I forgot to tell you.

We were having that spate of unusually cold weather for the coast and I had been running water through the line overnight (drip, drip, drip) to keep the water hose from freezing.  We got up early in the morning and being the first one in the shower I got to the end of my shower and my feet were wet — standing in an inch or inch and a half of shower water.

thWell, it turns out the problem was a frozen drain line — the p-trap in the line had frozen and as the heated water from my shower went to work on the water FROZEN in the bottom of the trap that the shower drained just like it’s supposed to.
We just keep learning about how to do this thing called living a mobile life!

Saying Good Bye

I put my uniform on over the weekend to say good bye to a newly made friend.  A week or so ago we’d had that call about a volunteer who had fallen and needed shoulder surgery.  Well, the break turned out to be quite bad and the best thing for the volunteer and partner was to return home. So, Red drove back to the Forest over the weekend and Sunday I checked him out of his volunteer position.  They had only been here about a month, but they were a neat couple — volunteers for 8 years in a variety of locations — and avid OHV’ers.

We’re sorry to see them go but, you have to do what’s best for you.

And I got Law Enforcement approval on a possible new volunteer — so things seem to even out — sort of.

Just a brief one for today. I’ll talk with you again tomorrow.  Cheers!