Old Diary

UPS – grrrrrrrrrr….

Wednesday didn’t go as expected at all.  We scrapped our plans over breakfast and ended up taking a road trip to Spring Valley, and the Highland Ridge Campground.  We spent a good part of the summer there last year and we just wanted to see the old place again.  an unexpected 300 mile round trip.  But one we enjoyed a lot.

Returning home I received a 2nd failed delivery attempt from UPS and after realizing that the problem was my fault, not UPS (though they don’t make it easy to fix the problem) it looks like today we get to do an unexpected 400 mile round trip to pick up at the distribution center what I was trying to get delivered to our kid’s new house.

So, there you have it… the best laid plans of mice and men…  I’ve learned a good lesson from this.

But no… we are not going to stop to look at the kids new house — We’ll save the joy of sharing it with us for our daughter.  That’s only fair.  🙂