After regaling y’all with stories of the Forest lately, I guess another shot of the big city is ok…



Memories of NYC #2


I’ve been regaling y’all with stories about life in the forest and maybe it’s time for a couple quick detours.

A couple years ago Peg and I took a trip to the Big Apple. I was rooting around in some of the shots from that trip and came across two images I liked but never had time to finish.  So, with a couple days off it was time to remember where we’d been…


Images, Old Diary

Memories of NYC #1

Old Diary

Snowed-In Mobility, Violin Recitals, and 44 Years Together


We’re in the middle of the season’s first snowfall and for the moment (maybe all day) I intend on engaging in whole-hearted denial. In honor my determination to ignore the snow and ice I offer you this pleasant summer’s even shot from the Opera Neighborhood of Paris.  It was about quarter past seven in the evening; the streets were humming with activity and a more glorious summer’s eve you couldn’t ask for.  It was NOT 20 some degrees. Nor was the snow flying.  Nor were cars slipping and sliding on slippery roads.  And neither was there a stiff wind blowing while the snowblower blew snow back into your face.

I know it’s not going to do any good but I’m in a good mood today — it’s our 44th wedding anniversary today — and I refuse to be bummed.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been together for 44 years.  I mean it’s REALLY hard. But I do believe that momma nature is having a private joke.  I say that because 44 yrs ago it was doing the same thing it is right now.  SNOWING  

We were married in the home of a good friend.  Actually he had also been more sort-of employer.  When I left University I worked for birdseed for our church for all of $400.00 a month.  Not a lot of money, but I got free room and board and the use of an late early 60’s Ford Fairlane for my daily commute from Chicago Ridge to the near North Side of Chicago.


About 30 attended the home wedding officiated at by another good friend. After the ceremony we had a small reception at a near by restaurant — adjacent to the Glenview Naval Air Station.  As the reception progressed the weather got worse and worse until we finally decided to leave or own party early because I had planned on our spending our first night in Elkhart Indiana.

We made it there — through a pretty decent snowstorm. We got registered in the hotel and about 2 am we realized that the furnace in the room wasn’t working right.  Cold Room.  About 4 a.m. the plows started clearing out the parking lot.  Fortunately the rest of our marriage has been better than that first night.  But the next day we were in NYC and the rest of our honeymoon was delightful.


Today is also our grand daughter’s violin recital.  It seems that people in our family have a thing for scheduling events on snowy days.  Peg and I bought one of our cars on the coldest day of 1980-something — the same day her friend from work Donna got married and the temp dipped to -26 degrees.  A couple years ago Melanie’s violin recital was also on one of the snowiest days of the year.  The weather was so bad that half the performers showed up late and the recital did finally get going.


Tonight we’ll have a replay of that event I suspect.  We’ll see what the weather is like closer to the 7 p.m. start time.

I thought I’d leave you all with a shot of my sweetie — from some point two years after our marriage.  I’ve always loved this shot of her.  She’s sitting in our 1968 VW Beetle and she smiled a lot — actually she still does.

Anyway,  todays a good day.  Today’s a big day — not many people get to celebrate 44 yrs together; even fewer get to do with with people they still love.  We’ve got a lot to be thankful for.  And today is a good day to focus on all that is good in life — even if it’s storming like crazy outdoors.

Cheers, and talk to you tomorrow.