Journey DL, Old Diary

Redbuds At Last

The days count down slowly, but count down they do.  As tension builds to closing we’re keepin’ busy and keeping our minds on other things, so much as that is possible for someone who’s father always told him he had a one-track mind. Sigh.  Why did dad have to be so right about this of all things!

Some of those keepin’ busy things are less fun than others.  A little financial re-jiggering filled the morning.  And I have yet to finish figuring out what to do about Verizon.  I really hate making systemic changes — stuff like that ought to just WORK and be INVISIBLE.  I have better things to think about.

Walking my Sweetheart was a lot more fun.  Back out to Wehr Nature Center.  The groundhogs and deer were all over the place this morning at Wehr. There’s a groundhog (or maybe a marmot) living under the observation platform. He likes to come out from his lair and sit on the ground with his chin resting on the observation platform floor…. Kinda cute!  And, Peggy’s always delighted when we see deer. We saw them, and then saw them again, and again! Not sure what it is, but the same two were cavorting back and forth near the visitors’ center and we saw them three or four times over a few minutes — chasing back and forth after each other. 😀

By the time we got back home this afternoon I was happy to see that the redbud is finally out in full bloom.  For some reason that little redbud means something special to me.

We were here about 4 years before we had any idea what we really wanted to do in the yard.  The building is so symmetrical and so large that conceiving a landscaping plan that fit the building and the lot took us a long time.  Some of the plants have now been in the ground for three years and you know the old adage about planting I assume:

  • The first year they sleep
  • The second year they creep
  • The third year they leap

It would be a good year to be here and watch the garden take off but that will not be.  I’m sure our buyer will have a great time this year.  All our hard work is going to pay off for HIM;  but hey — we had a great time putting it all together.  This is the second home we’ve had European Variegated Dogwoods… We love the red twigs during the winter and the variegated leaves during the growing season.  The Diablo and Golden Glow Ninebarks are doing nicely and we have a couple Buddleia that may turn into trees instead of shrubs.  But for all the variety it’s that little redbud that just makes me proud.  I’m not sure what it is about that tree, but I love those little pink buds.

I’m not sure if I’ll call about a pickup time/date for Journey.  We are eager to avoid the weekend traffic, but more important is that the job get done right the first time — so I’m hestitant to call and pressure them about delivery.

SIXTEEN more days till closing?

SIXTEEN more days till closing?

Our forecast for Wednesday is back into the 60’s with only 50’s and 60’s for the next 7 days.  And at the moment I can’t see much more than 100 yards — FOG.  Sort of reminds me of grade school when we were still in session until about the middle of June and I can remember going to school on the last day of term wearing a light jacket.  Wisconsin is NOT one of the quick-to-see-summer states!

We’ll cool our jets over the holiday weekend but next week we’ll be busy starting the process of loading Journey, cleaning out the school, and making last minute leaving-the-state arrangements.  Each day without a snag makes it easier to believe that the sale will go through.  Last year this time our previous deal fell apart because of a home sale contingency — there is none on this deal — so we’re optimistic.  But it’s like that feeling you get in your thumb after you’ve smacked it with a hammer — all you want to do is protect that aching digit.

But, God is good.  All the time! And even though closing is 16 days away, we’ll be on our way out of town in13 days! After all this waiting is is SO GOOD to be on the edge of the pool of life and just about to jump back in way over our heads!