Down the Drain

I have to admit that this image really stopped me in my tracks.

There’s room among intelligent people for differences of opinion but what cannot be denied is the rapidity with which we humans have laid waste to our home planet. You can easily find documentation proving that we have wiped out species after species of living organism in our pursuit of more room for ourselves and for profit — even at the expense of members of our own species.

IF there is to be any saving of the earth it depends in the first instance upon mindfulness: we will never change a situation that we aren’t even thinking about or considering. The battle for the minds of earth’s population goes on every day and we all know that the winner in that battle is not the Save-the-Earther’s. The winner in the battle for humankind’s attention is SELF: what I need, what I want, what I’m told I cannot live without, what I have to get before someone else gets it, what I absolutely must have just because I am greedy.

I don’t know how you awaken 7+ billion people. But I know one thing for sure. Mother Nature never changes her laws. Gravity is never suspended just because someone forgets about it. Certain things are always poisonous. Certain animals are essential to the live of all living creatures. If we do nothing and allow our greedy ways to go unchecked we will reap the reward of the thoughtless.

In that way, this graphic is perfect. Given the incline, all of the color will eventually flow into the drain. Nothing has to happen to make it occur. Only specific action to prevent it can change the ultimate outcome.