Old Diary

Suddenly Quieter

I thought I owned a noisy car.  Really I did.  cr-vBut it turns out the car (a 2004 Honda CR-V) has been getting the blame for something that’s not it’s fault.  We just put on those new tires purchased from Walmart and all I can say is:  WoW!

Suddenly we can hold a conversation at conversational tones!  It’s so nice.  And the ride is better, much better!


I think the old ones were MORE than ready to be replaced…. I don’t usually let them get this bad but these got away from me.

When we bought the car new it had Bridgestones on it.  When those wore out I bought Uniroyals — something I’ve never done before and will never do again.  I’ve been mostly a Goodyear guy, with some Michelins thrown in for good measure and I intended to replace the Uniroyals with Goodyear until Walmart.com screwed up and sent the wrong size.  The local Walmart store did not have the same Goodyear model available to them and we ended up with Michelin Defenders.  They are touring tires, instead of standard issue ‘passenger’ tires.  I don’t expect to get the rated 90,000 miles from them but if they keep riding this way I’ll be happy no matter how many miles I get.

When Mark the Service Manager called to say our tires had arrived we hustled right on down to pick them up.  It was a laid back Saturday morning and neither of us had ‘plans’ for the day anyway.  After the screw up with the website tires Mark wanted to make sure we were happy and they got us in and out in record time and they did everything by the book — which I know ‘cuz I watched! 🙂

Sort of wanting to see how well they handled we headed South from North Bend and ended up in Bandon.  I thought we’d check out the Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge — but when we got down there I hadn’t programmed my iPhone to the observation deck and we followed Google Maps directions instead and never did find what we were looking for.  But we were both hungry by that time and instead we headed off to the Bandon Fish Market for a bite of lunch.

IMG_7656TripAdvisor.com rates Bandon Fish Market as the #3 resto in town and it was a real good stop! Fish as fresh as the ocean, not greasy, chips as good as any I’ve eaten, a nice dilly tartar sauce and a river view.   The place was hopping,  we had to fight for a table ( not literally ), and with counter staff taking orders as fast as they could the food kept popping out of the tiny kitchen like popcorn.  Ours arrived quickly and hot and we enjoyed every bite.


Cute VW in the parking lot.

Across from Bandon Fish Market is a company that makes jellied candies from cranberries.  First time I heard that I wrinkled up my nose.  But when I tried them they were not bad at all, and the samples were just enough sweet to take the place of a dessert we didn’t have room for!

IMG_7659IMG_7662After lunch all we wanted to do was head back to the house. And we did.

<—See that sweetie on the left?  She looks so cute in her new ‘do.’  We both got clipped on Wednesday when we drove to North Bend on the aborted tire installation trip.  This is one of the best haircuts she’s gotten in a long time.  So many times the cutter refuses to listen to what she wants and she ends up with too short sides and too long back.  This one got it just right!  She’s just as beautiful as when we got married!  Peg had to get one of me, in front of the little harbor there in Bandon.  I expected more boats to be moored there, but marinas up and down the coast have a lot of empty moorages this year and there isn’t as much vehicle traffic on the roads — say the long time residents and Forest Service staff.  I’ll take quieter, believe me.

I had another call last night about an OHV accident.  This time it was a volunteer wanting to know how far his responsibility extended.  It seems a camper came knock, knock, knocking at his door to report that the campers ‘buddy’ was out on the dunes and had rolled his OHV, and his neck was injured.  The host told the camper to call 911 (seeing as the camper knew where the accident was) and the camper refused.  It dawns on me that is not the kind of ‘buddy’ I want to have.  You’d think you’d want your buddy to get help, not end up laying out there on the dunes waiting for no one….