Things to Come to Terms With

It’s sometimes hard for me to say less instead of more.  This post is one of those times.  The first version went on for more words than I want to admit.  But the power lies in four simple sentences and I deleted the post I intended to write for this much shorter version.


I can’t count the number of times that I and others I know have been offended because someone let us down in one of these four ways.  But the reality of life is that others don’t see the world the same way you do, or I do, or we were taught to see it.

Expecting the world to be otherwise is an invitation of needless hurt and endless disappointment.





Old Diary

Warning Signs of a Cult


Nut? So Good!

Do you like nuts?

I love them. All except Filberts. Not sure why the exception to filberts — just don’t like the taste I guess.

They’re great for you.  Check ’em out.

You love nuts?  I love nuts!  Oh So Good!

You love nuts? I love nuts! Oh So Good!

Today’s a travel day for us. We’re on our way to Bradd & Hall for the new floor and sofa.  We’ll drop Journey off on Monday morning.  We’ll return home later that day.

I’ll try to check in with you later in the day when we arrive in Elkhart.

Twenty-Six days till closing?

Twenty-Six days till closing?

Old Diary

Dance the Best Dance You Know — ADDENDUM


Dance the Best Dance You Know
Even if it doesn’t look like you are dancing at all.

My friend Dianne Gray who has her own blog commented on yesterday’s post.  Something in her words reminded me of this graphic that I’ve had in my image catalog for several years — and had forgotten about.

It’s a good illustration however, so here it is.

And lest you take me too seriously, here’s another just for fun.