Old Diary

Power to the People…

zappedWe may not have completely resolved the electrical problem here at our compound, but we should be safe at least.  It appears that the final solution will be installing another transformer closer to the Work Center — but until then electricians improved the ground and stabilized the variations.

Friday was another day of mostly waiting around.  The electrician missed his appointment by an hour and wasn’t here long once he arrived. A rotary drill through the foundation, some loud whacking with a sledge and a copper wire attached, some load testing and voltage reading and we were done.  But about that time one of the volunteers who has been having his own personal drama came by to use our washer and dryer.  We spent some time schmoozing and then left to make some rounds among other volunteers.

At this point we have two full weeks of work remaining.  In some ways it can’t pass soon enough; in other ways it will fly by too fast and we’ll be leaving with things undone that we’d like to have finished up — but that’s the nature of the game.

Just a shorty tonight — I’ll talk with you tomorrow.