Old Diary


this was supposed to publish on Thursday but I screwed up…24664816_SAIs that a word?  Graduality?  Well, it is now!  It’s a good way to describe how we’ve been feeling since Friday.  We are gradually getting back into our own bodies with our own energy and feeling like our own selves.  We simply don’t recover the way we used to.  Ahhh… I guess the days of our youth are long past (even though I don’t always like to behave as if they were).


I have never been one to function well without  rest.  I’ve done crazy things to get a little sleep.  One time in the truck I read my dispatch papers wrong and stayed home with my load 24 hours longer than I should have and was so pressed for time that I calculated it out and I had time to stop for exactly 11 minutes if I was to make my delivery schedule.  So I stopped, set my alarm for 10 minutes and fell asleep in seconds, got a little rest, and felt better afterwards, if not fully rested.  But our bodies do neeSleep_Benefitsd time to recover from the strains of being awake!

I came across this graphic about inspiration being for amateurs “the rest of us just show up and got to work.  Ya know, there’s some  merit to that but I’ve never met a tired person who is very creative, or very productive for that matter.  When I was still working I saved image processing for the first thing in the morning.  I knew that when I was fresh I could see what wanted doing to individual images and accomplish the retouching or Photoshopping  in a fraction of the time than if I put that off till the end of the day and did the work when I was tired.  Now that I’m retired {again 🙂 }  I still do something of the sort.  Peg has learned that I need a couple hours in the morning to write: letters, blogs, emails, journals — I’m always writing something, and it’s become the way I get my day started.  I may not write about earth shattering things; I write for my own satisfaction.  But it gets my brain going and I seem never to lack something to put down on paper (or to busy my fingers typing).

Inspiration is for amateurs

I don’t buy being able to be creative while you’re tired.

Now that we’ve been stationary for a few days life is returning to normal — gradually.  Projects become apparent.  When we were still on the Forest I’d sit down at the end of the day and I couldn’t even think of what I might want to do in the Coach to make it more homey.  There were things that needed doing but I couldn’t think of them.  Now that we getting back into our own stride our thinking is clear enough that the projects are appearing, the travel plans come together & meals get planned instead of simply woofing down calories.

Yesterday I finished up the passenger windshield curtain.  It’s not a huge thing, but to us it looks infinitely better than it did before.  Today, I’ll get the driver’s side done.  With a little luck we’ll find a place to have the curtains dry-cleaned and some of the dirty spots will come out and we’ll be happy to be done with curtains for a while.

2014082707073102I’m not in a hurry to do anything different to our window valances — but I did think about the fact that any chair we have for the dinette is going to have problems with the height of our rear lounge slide valance.  Let me clarify.  The original chairs we had were taller than the ones we have now.  But there’s only so low you can go with a chair-back and still have it be comfortable.  We have smallish windows on all three slides of our roadside lounge extend-a-room slide.  They all have window valances.  And the one at the rear of the slide is next to one of the dinette chairs — too low on the wall for the chair top to fit smoothly under the valance.  Thusly…. raising that valance just a tad would make that chair a lot more comfortable to sit in.

Remember that storage tub that I said had liquid in it?

I found the problem.  Never underestimate the process of going up and down.  As you may remember we crossed 4 mountain passes.  That means going up on an incline, going down on an incline and passing through a lot of vertical transition.  We had a spray bottle of Windex in the basement that was only loosely closed & we had a 1 gallon bottle of Windex with a weak lid.  The spray bottle over flowed.  The 1 gallon bottle built up so much pressure that the lid broke – separating the flat top from the cylindrical threads and… yup… allowing outward flowage of the  cleaning fluid.  Ta Da!  Mystery solved!  (Don’t ask me why we are carrying around a 1 gallon bottle of Windex…  we must be genetically related to the Pappa in that movie My Great Big Greek Wedding who liked Windex for every purpose under the sun.)

What I didn’t get around to doing was organizing the basement.  ARGH!  I really want to make some space down there.  If I’m serious about that, it’s not only a project requiring better organization, it will also require discarding un-used treasures that we are hauling around for no good reason.  Some of them I won’t ever throw away:  they are there for emergencies.  To wit:  a collapsible shovel and a 5 ton and a 10 ton hydraulic jack.  Some of them we carry around for crafting purposes — these may not be so lucky and may find themselves in the discard pile.  There is one tub that we have dragged around for 2 1/2 years into which we have never delved and the hidden can’t-do-without-these-treasures contained therein we have clearly done without.   Whether I get to it today, or during our stay here at Blackhawk, or maybe wait until we arrive at Bong Recreation Area in September — I suspect that fewer items will travel South with us this fall.

Balance and Utility

I need to get the coach correctly weighed.  On some occasion we want to get a real four corner weight.  I know we are loaded a little bit cockeyed.  We have made that a little worse by adding the solar — the new batteries at additional weight on the curbside rear.

coach getting weighed

coach getting weighed

We also have two storage bays that aren’t being well utilized.  There’s one bay underneath the driver’s cockpit that is empty.  There’s another small bay at the curbside rear that is nearly empty but into which we don’t want to put much weight — I need to find some light items that could be stored there.

The idea of getting the coach close to evenly loaded right to left on each axle and within the allowable weights front and back is more than something ‘good to do.’  Loading is a safety factor and not to be overlooked.  When we don’t move very often and not far when we do move it’s not such a critical issue, but that 2000 miles brought back the trucker in me and it’s something I want to find an opportunity to address.

That might mean attending a RV convention or rally — something I’m dreading.  TOO MANY PEOPLE.  But we might just have to do it.  If we manage to think about where we need to be at the right time of the month.  Sometimes there are just too many things to think about in this ‘rough’ life of RV’ing. 🙂

Seeing as I started off today’s blog talking about sleep, I thought I’d throw in this last graphic just for fun.  I’m not an avowed Democrat or Republican, nor am I a flaming liberal or a died in the wool conservative.  My politics tend to take a variety of factors into consideration but I have to admit that I laughed at this one and present it not as a political statement but as a matter of electioneering humor.