You like cheese?  I do.  The more unique the flavor, the better.

I came across this and it’s too cute…

who am i to diss a brie

Old Diary

Who Am I to Diss a Brie?

Old Diary

Things You Miss

Moving from one part of the country to another, just as moving from one part of the WORLD to another has it’s unexpected wrinkles.  There are things you can’t find in your new home that you could find where you came from.  I’m sure it works in reverse but by nature we have no easy way of knowing the inverse of our own experience.  Please bear in mind that these are the comments of two retirees; not two twenty-somethings.  I’m sure we LOOK for very different things.

For example.

I haven’t seen a single cheese shop since leaving Wisconsin.  I’m sure there is at least one in Tillamook — home of that pretender to the king-of-cheese throne called Tillamook Cheese.

We have found some sausages in every grocery we have been, but we don’t find nearly as many hand crafted sausages here.

The brand of cut rate hair salons that we used in Wisconsin… they don’t seem to exist here. There are places to get your hair done (men and women) but not the ones we’re used to.

Fall colors are much more orange here than red.

How Oregonians can get along without a professional Football or Baseball franchise is beyond me. (We aren’t even sports fans, but there’s a dearth of jerseys and sports banter)

Not many basements in homes.

No natural gas here (propane) because of earthquake risk.

We haven’t seen any German restaurants

On the other side of the coin…

WE HAVE SEEN MORE RV’S IN A MONTH THAN WE WOULD SEE IN A YEAR IN WISCONSIN.  You can’t sit in a restaurant at an intersection with a traffic light and not see at least one RV at ever change of the light!  US 101 is awash with RV’s.

There’s no OCEAN in Wisconsin.  Lake Michigan is good, but it’s not the Pacific.

I can’t speak to things like whether or nor there are as many shopping mall, or fast food chains, or even Home Depots — those are all the purview of much larger cities and we have avoided large cities (like the plague).