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Heading Back Home

A pleasant visit with old friends and today we head back to Cudahy.

I’m not sure how to describe our outlook for post closing travel.  We are both aware that some of our decisions are skewed.  Blame it on tension, or stress, or who knows what…  We have reached a conclusion which gives us about a month worth of plans.

We need to be out of the school by the 3rd or 4th of June, but I need to be around to talk with our attorney AFTER the closing.  We’re hoping to get an early-in-the-day closing making possible a Friday afternoon attorney meeting — but can’t count on that.

So…. we decided to plan one week of easy access to Milwaukee followed by one month of decompression time. After that we are agreed to head out on our unscripted life with undefined destinations.

Ta Da!

June 3-12 we’re in Bong Recreation Area — one of the Wisconsin State Parks that we’ve never stayed in but have walked.  With some nice trails it’s the perfect place to hang out for a week and a half.

  • close enough to Milwaukee to make repeat visits if necessary
  • less expensive than the State Fair Park RV park
  • plenty of exercise opportunities
  • close to Home Depot’s and such in case we have fresh-from-de-winterizing issues

June 12-26 – Blackhawk Park – De Soto WI — back to the Corps of Engineers campground.  Lots of space to walk, not too far of a drive, and familiar territory — time to just set-a-piece, relax after anticipating the closing and rushing to get things done.

June 26-July 10 – Thomson Causeway – Thomson IL — another 2 weeks in familiar Corps facilities.  Again, lots of space to walk, some trails we  never got to walk last summer.

After that we’re still making decisions:

  • Part of us is inclined to pay our mandatory visit to Peg’s brother and S-I-L in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. They are getting up in years and a visit is a good idea.
  • I have been thinking that we would spend our first winter in TX — but if we do that it doesn’t make much sense to head way West — whether to CA, or OR or WA
  • We are eager to check out Hemet CA where a friend of our has settled after moving from Milwaukee.

Clearly we have conflicted ideas about what to do, but we haven’t been able to focus on the future long enough to sort them out.  The month of quiet will give us that time.  Stay tuned.

On a more touristy train of thought we had a really interesting tour though the Dana Thomas House — Frank Lloyd Wright’s first open checkbook commission. It’s quite an amazing building, built at the beginning of the 20th century.  Walking through I seemed to remember other Wright buildings that we have toured as being brighter — but this one seemed quite dark and oppressive.

We are (fingers crossed) counting down the 40 remaining days.numeral 40

Old Diary

A Visit With A Friend

An uneventful drive brought us to Chatham and the oh so lovely home of our longtime Friend Debbie.  She was Peggy’s co-worker for years at Aurora Health Care and she rented an apartment in the same building with us.  We’ve enjoyed staying in touch after she moved to Illinois, and we are looking forward to a good chin-wag with her and possibly her cousin Sharon whom we also know.

Our agent wasn’t so happy about our going away. “What if the buyer wants to do their showing while you’re gone.”   Well, I leave you a key.  Whatchathink?  We dropped the key on the way out of town through the agents mail drop and off we went.

It was good we weren’t in Journey for the trip. With headwinds +23mph it would not have been nearly as fun a drive as it was in the CR-V but hey — we had our big girl panties on and it was fun anyway!.   Forsythias were blooming, and pear trees, and dogwoods and redbuds and…. well,  Spring has sprung in Middle Illinois, that’s for sure.


Chin wagging among old friends is always a good time and it seems we had a lot to catch up on.  Debbie’s a stinker and some of her big news she didn’t bother telling us; but hey — not everyone rattles on in a blog like I do!

Arriving close to dinner time we had a choice to make:  where to eat?  We ended up at a little place that used to be a Pizza joint — and has turned into Vietnanmese and Thai — and was it ever tasty.  WoW.  Loved it.  Good company, good food ( except maybe for the shrimp suimai which was tasty enough but just not the right thing for our group ) and a nice subdued atmosphere. Debbie had a chance to get some sweet sour chicken, I went for SpIcY glass noodles with tofu and Peg played it safe somewhere in between my spicy and Deb’s sweet.  All were good and we left sated.

The WX forecast has slipped a bit,  what was supposed to be warm and sunny will now most likely turn into warm and drizzly.

We’ve made some plans for post closing — more on that tomorrow.

numeral 41Talk to ya tomorrow.