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A Little-Bit Urban, not much, just a little


WHAT lies ahead? The first step will be a little chill-time!

In making plans for our departure — and timing events for our Solar install we have decided to do something quite atypical for us.  We are both exhausted — and I’m sure between now and the 28th when we leave that will not change, We’ll have about 10 days between leaving here and dropping the Ambassador off for the install — so we wanted a little time to decompress and to do the things we have not been getting around to with our work schedule — like organizing storage in the basement of the coach.

Our solution?  Unbelievably, it’s to stay at an RV park in the ‘middle’ of Springfield, OR.  !!!!!  It’s just a couple miles away from AM Solar, and it’s close to goods and services — there’s a Market of Choice just a couple miles down the road from where we’ll be.  So, we hermits are going to temporarily take up city life — sort of.  🙂

Yesterday after the volunteer meeting I pretty much unloaded our government SUV.  When we got it there were two tubs of ‘stuff’ in the back — we added three more filled with brochures and maps and miscellany that volunteers need to do their jobs — and I have been in and out of the back end of the car ever since.  We have saved ourselves miles and miles of driving; but we did this job differently than anyone before us, and anyone following will have their own way of doing things — so out it all came and now we have a reasonably clean trunk.

RV cartoon


Peg is going to run our rain gear through the washing machine — I know that sounds silly — but as caretakers we got ourselves into a lot of messy situations and leaving the gear clean is important to us.

I have an interim idea for a volunteer coordinator for Da Boss.  I expect to speak with her today about it.  It’s not a full blow concept but I think it will get her out of trouble and into the quieter, autumn season when she should have time to work out the details of replacing us.

And our big job is getting our $$$$ reports cleaned up and up dated. There are financial numbers that Da Boss uses to gauge her fiscal way through the year and we want to get her as updated as we can before leaving.

I learned yesterday one of the details I had feared.  It seems that Law Enforcement here is budgeted for 6 officers.  We currently have only 3, and there is no likelihood that is going to change in the near future.  No wonder the L.E.O.’s (Law Enforcement Officer) are spread so thin.  Fortunately most of the visitors to the area are pretty nice folks — but at peak times it’s pretty hard to get a L.E.O. when you need one.

I suspect it’s part of the transition but My BRAIN is trying to move on while my body is stuck in the forest — it’s a psychological treading of water.  Peggy hasn’t been sleeping well at all.  I’ve been having the strangest dreams of my life.  We clearly have been affected by the people here; and a part of our psyches are objecting to the departure.  But… It must be done.

I think that 10 days in the Eugene / Springfield area will be good for us.  It’s flat.  It’s hot.  There are gentle places to walk on pavement or gravel (as opposed to sand).  We’ll have time and space to  drag stuff out of the basement, move it around, and reload it all — here in the compound we have sort of a tinkertoy corral that makes working in the basement difficult.

our corral, before removing the deck last October.

our corral, before removing the deck last October.

And without a work schedule we can get back to some sort of meal plan that makes sense to us.  Most of the time here on the Forest we have been eating irregularly, catching a hurried breakfast, lunch on the fly, and rather uncertain dinners — if anything at all.  It’s all been by choice — I’m a terror when I’m motivated to do something — but it’s been tedious too.

I’m not sure what it’s going to be like living with the clatter and clang of the city — I know for a fact that there are trains right near the RV park — there’s a warning on the welcome desk about them.  But I’m not going there for peace and quiet — I’ve had 10 months of peace and quiet.  I want to take some naps, get some organizing done, maybe find a few  trinkets for the coach — we’re pondering a new mattress for the bedroom — and just chill in a place where it’s warm enough to sit in the lawn chair and bask in the sun while maybe reading a book or just … doing…. nothing.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow!