Old Diary

Ranger Pete? Not Quite!

COEWe’re joining the army!  The Army of volunteers!

To be clear, Peg and I are going to be Camp Hosts here at the Army Corps of Engineers Campground here at Highland Ridge for the month of August! No — I won’t be a ranger.  It’s not that big of a deal.  But volunteering is something we have talked about even before retiring.  The opportunity fell into our lap when the August Camp Host cancelled out at the last minute.  So, in keeping with the theme of this blog  Life Unscripted we jumped at the opportunity to get on board.

I have yet to cancel three of our two week reservations.  By the time we leave here just after Labor Day we’ll have spent almost two full months here.  And the funny thing is that this was the location we considered making our shortest visit for sundry reasons.  It’s funny how life changes.  As I said yesterday — Life is all about improvisation.


A side effect is that Kathryn will likely visit us — now that we will be closer — so that’s a good benefit.

I’ll tell you more about our duties and what all is involved as time goes on but for now I had to blab my news before I burst.  We found out about the opening on Monday evening, but the volunteer coordinator was off for his two day weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today we made contact and he wanted to come over to speak with us this morning — and he made it — just before noon.  So, you can imagine that Type A personality Peter was chomping at the bit to ‘hear.’  Even now that we have the house sold the Good Lord continues to work on my patience.  I guess the appropriate response is:  “Thank you, Lord.”

While I waited I did get some sorting and discarding done.  I can’t believe how many computer cables I still have after throwing many of them away when we downsized.  This is going to take a while.  I can see that already.Adaptive T-shirts?

Ok — I have a question for you.  My wife prevailed upon me to get some new T-shirts, which I did.  When I got home I was looking at the packaging and I noticed the advertising slogans.

And I have to ask…

Just how does a t-shirt “adapt to temperature, environment and activity”?  It rather seems to me that it’s inanimate.  It doesn’t DO anything.  The wearer might adapt; but the shirt ain’t gonna do nuthin’. Hoot!

I did finish another book.  Goodwill had a couple more Carl Hiaasen books I haven’t read, or don’t remember reading.  And the first one is already finished.

So, that’s my news.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow!