Old Diary

Soggy Bread

Fruit Taco

Doesn’t this look delicious?  It does to me too, but I could never eat this! I know that’s a silly thing to say — fresh fruit and bread in any form — what’s not to like?

Ah, but it’s not the flavor – it’s the texture.  And there’s no way all that fresh fruit is not going to turn the bread — any bread — into a soggy mess.

In these weeks and months while we are waiting to sell the house and plans are almost impossible to make, I find myself thinking about all sorts of nonsense I never normally think about.

numeral 10Showing #10 came off just fine in the rain yesterday.  The couple, with two kids and an interest in adopting more spent 2 hours here — it was the longest showing yet.  I can’t even begin to assess the showing — and I’ve found that even trying is an exercise in futility — so we wait to hear what may come of it.

As a sort of aside, we find that no matter how long we have been here in the school that the building continues to reveal itself to us.  Yesterday with the sound of rain outside we were surprised to notice a couple little idiosyncrasies about the building we’d never seen before.  You’d think if you walked through a place, and lived in it, and worked on it that you’d be pretty familiar with it — but I guess that’s been part of the fun living here — we’re always learning more about the building.

And talk about new experiences….

At the showing, the buyer asked a question no one has ever asked before.  Does the building make noises?  The question took me completely by surprise and I had to actually think about whether it does.  Turns out neither Peg nor I can remember any kind of odd sounds emanating from the bowels of the building but the question makes me wonder where it came from?  Do the potential buyers have a history of living in haunted houses?  or creaky old buildings?  That just goes to show you,  sitting around waiting to sell your house gives rise to nonsense and silliness.


Missouri Botanical Gardens | Joe McCauley painting

Missouri Botanical Gardens | Joe McCauley painting

After looking at the 10 day weather forecast I think  we may try for a quick trip to St Louis a week from now.

I just renewed our membership there and on our last visit we didn’t have as much time to view the gardens as we wanted — so say nothing of there being way too many people.  Some may ask, why do you belong to a Missouri Botanical society and not to the local one here in Milwaukee County.  The simple answer is that they make better use of their money.  I know there’s a significant difference in size between the cities.  St. Louis is only 53% the size of Milwaukee and yet it seems they make much better use of their money in ways I appreciate.  So — put your money where it gets the most benefit.  And in this case I vote for MOTBOT.

We hope to spend parts of 2 days there.  If the weather forecast holds and we don’t have showings scheduled before we would leave it will be a nice break.   And we’ll have to stop for a piece of St. Louis Style Pizza.

1930 photograph from the magazine Popular Scie...

1930 photograph from the magazine Popular Science with the caption, “The new electric bread slicing machine at work in a St. Louis, Mo. bakery. The operator is holding one of the sliced loaves.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way…. did you know that St. Louis is the home of the world’s first Bread Slicing machine?


Sliced bread….

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread…”

And yet the only way sliced bread is a really good thing is if your bread contains a lot of preservatives and artificial softeners.  Otherwise as soon as you slice it the bread begins to harden and go stale.  I’m not sure if sliced bread is as good for the convenience of the eater or for the profits of the baker who wants to sell more bread sooner.

All of which comes to my keyboard because I almost always bake a loaf of bread when we are having a showing.  It makes the house smell so nice.  Last night the agent even commented on it!  We’d rather get an offer — but compliments are nice too. 🙂