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Does Not Play Well With Others

I need help from one of my blog-smart web friends.


WordPress doesn’t like Blogger.  Blogger doesn’t like WordPress.  Google is giving Reader the axe and soon those of us who use it to read all the kewl blogs we follow wont have it to complain about any more.

Alas, along the great blog highway other bloggers are making the chore of following their blogs ever more difficult.

Play Nicely Kiddies…

I primarily blog via WordPress and I follow an assortment of WP blogs. I do have a Blogger profile (which is now connected with Google+) and a blog that I have not been updating and there are Blogger blogs that I follow.

In fact, most of the RV blogs I follow are blogger blogs.  It seems that a lot of RV’ers prefer Blogger to WordPress.

Over the years I have tried self-hosting WordPress installations, right now I’m using a WordPress.com version because I kept having problems with my self-hosted blog getting hacked.

You can see, I’m all over the place.


Here comes the problem though…..   When I click on the WordPress “FOLLO” or the Blogger version of the same — they save the subscription to their own readers!  Subscriptions I “follow” in WordPress don’t seem to show up in my Blogger reader and Subscriptions I “follow” in Blogger don’t seem to show up in my WordPress reader.

If I click on the RSS feed any of them show up in Google READER.

I have always used Reader to read my subscriptions.  Easy Peasy — there has been an easy way for me to read all my follows in one place.  clicking on the RSS feed button brought all my blogs into READER.

Alas, some bloggers aren’t supplying the RSS feed button any more, and I guess that must be connected with Google somehow because when I click it takes me to a page that allows me to choose where I want the subscription to show up, on my Google Home Page or in Reader.  That works no matter where the blog originates as long as I have the RSS feed button to click.

My query is — what alternative is there?

WHAT ONE PLACE CAN I CLICK and WHAT ONE BUTTON can I put on my WordPress.com blog so all my blogs end up in the same feed reader — and offer the same convenience to my readers?

I’m hoping some Internet savvy super-whiz has some idea how to make my life easier.

Old Diary

Short on Time

20121224160519001I’m not sur where the day got to, but it sure didn’t get spent writing.

I’ve had these two images in my file for a few days and seeing as my mind is on tomorrow or the next day’s blog entry I decided to share this one now.

It’s typewriter art.  If you take a look at the ink strokes they are assorted keystrokes.  They were made on the typewriter in the second image.

I’ll be back to writing tomorrow — my thoughts for the day were more complicated to get down in an understandable fashion than I thought and 20121224160441001I simply didn’t finish.

So, as we look forward to 2″-4″ of white stuff I’ll see if I can’t get finished sometime tomorrow.  Depending on how long I spend on HOLD — these end of the year financial tweaks seem to take longer and longer each year.

Cheers and stay dry and warm.


Old Diary

74 Days to GO

We’ll be sneaky today and see how many of my readers are color blind <snort, giggle, snort>!

Up way late last night writing and moving things around on my website.  I decided that WordPress Multisite (after experimenting with it for half a day) is a nice idea that hasn’t quite got it right yet.  The installation was simple, the interface elegant, but not all the tools work the way they are supposed to (or should I say they don’t work the way I understood they would work).

My big problem with the implementation of plugins for functionality and I just couldn’t twig the design metaphor.

So, I backed peterpazucha.com up, deleted the entire multisite install, reinstalled it as a single site and now all three are up and running as they should be.  Look a little different but not too much and I’m happy.  Finally.  I’ve been fussing about this for a few months not knowing if I wanted to mess with my root directory, but I got it twigged!




This was a really non-weekend weekend.  With all the fog it was wasn’t much good for activities outdoors (our kind) and we still seem a bit stuck in that busy all week and fall apart on the weekend rut we had gotten into before retiring.  I ended up burying myself in WordPress, and cooking.  Fresh bread, homemade pizza.

This was our first weekend back on the semi-vegetarian diet and we’re still alive.  For me the biggest challenge will be finding ways to put kick in our food. We both like strong flavors (heck — we like blue cheese and cayenne! {just not in the same food} )  Last night we did a thing with Brussels Sprouts, onions and rice with lemon.  Ok but not a great combo.  Actually, I was too lazy to do much else and didn’t want to take the time away from what I was working on.

Which brings up the question…

Do any of you have a partner who get’s so preoccupied with things that meals don’t matter?  My poor wife — there are times I wonder why she stays with me, I keep her waiting on meals for so long!

We hope to get some stuff packed, and seeing as Peg has already gone through her clothing to decide what gets sold and what goes with us in Journey, I guess that’ll be my project for today.

I have this desperate fear that we’ll be all downsized and living in this empty house for two months, so I’ve been dragging my feet even though Peg has been gung ho about getting things ready to go mobile.  I’ve been the party pooper, I guess.

But, now that I think about it, the later it gets, the warmer it should be, and if we get all downsized maybe we can spend more time outdoors and taking pictures.

Old Diary

Hyper Sensitive

I can tell that I’m hyper-sensitive about things nowadays.  I need to pay better attention.

My WordPress theme released an update which I automatically installed.  Suddenly I had sidebars on my front page, and they weren’t there before updating.  It was my reaction to the perceived problem that is my real problem.  I hit the panic button.

Anyone who has done web administration knows that stuff happens, that bugs exist, that there are glitches and snitches and witches too.  But getting angry at your computer screen isn’t productive.  I’ve had a couple website hacks but I have always been able to use those instances as opportunities for growth.

Getting hyper sensitive is counter productive. It’s like hitting your thumb with a hammer; once you whack it there’s the tendency to cover it, care for it, protect it to the point of obsession.  Doing that with your life is crazy and foolish.  Staying open to experience is important; at least it is to me.  I have always found some of my greatest inspirations at times when I was stressed — and if I had been defensive or protective at those times I would have been blind to opportunity.

By the way….

I figured out what had changed in the theme template.  New code moved things around and I had my blog back to normal in half an hour; and I feel good that I found the perceived problem.

Now, what I have to do is work on myself so that I stop seeing “problems.”  That has never been my way; I usually work through things that have changed until they are the way I want them.  I try not to use terms like “bad,” “problem” because negativity is often a function of training or society.  All my travels have taught me that what one society thinks is “bad” is often lauded or valued in another society.

The other day when I was writing about Madam Guyon I realized that there were bases in Quietism that I share with her.  In the next few days I want to get back to that topic.  But not today.


If the page looks different and I’ve confused you by changing the blog, I’m sorry. I have used this template for my blog for about the last 4 years and recently I went way to the Minimatica design thinking it might be more graphically pleasing.

What it is, is more difficult to work with. So, after 4 months I went back to my old, trusty, Suffusion theme.  I have used this with great satisfaction and thought I was going to get something I had not been able to achieve with Suffusion — a magazine type layout — without realizing I had the capability already right there — hidden away in the options menu.  So, I went through a lot of work and put you through unfamiliarity for nothing:  My Bad.

I hope that the day to day differences will be minimal now.  And that you are getting something to make your regular returns here to ‘chat’ with me worth your time.

Cheery Bye for now.


P.S.: By the way…. It’s February 15, and the temperature was 50 degrees
— In Milwaukee! I so love this winter.

Old Diary

Changes Again

Family, Old Diary

Google Reader Doesn’t like Featured Images

I’ve been playing with my blog lately.   Some of you may be able to tell, but others cannot — that I use a self-hosted version of WordPress.  I have been using the wonderful theme Suffusion for a couple years now,  but I switched to Minimatica because I wanted something that was more like a portfolio theme.

With us deciding to retire,  my purpose for this blog has changed. I have changed the title and what I write about, so I wanted to make the blog LOOK different too.

Minimatica does a good job at that, and it uses Featured Images in a really nice way.  But it just dawned on me that Google Reader does not like featured images. I realized that since changing templates the featured images do now display unless you click on the post and read it in native format.

When I read other people’s blogs in Google Reader I am sometimes distracted by how many images are included in their posts; but going to the other extreme isn’t what I wanted either…..

Seems I need to think again about my choice of template.