Old Diary

Birthday Sunday

a new door cannot be opened

Such is coming home for annual physicals… Soon enough you have to close the door and move on…

It’s Mid-September, we’re still in Wisconsin and we had a super day.  For one thing the forecast 36º overnight temps never dropped below 48.  And, picking up our Grand Kid at her new apartment was a kick!  So many memory triggers of our own first apartment as a couple, also in Chicago, only a couple miles away from Melanie’s current place.  Her place is nearly as small as ours was.  She’s sharing with a single roomie and two cats so the space/human ratio is pretty comparable.

Drew, the new beau, was there with Melanie, waiting on us.  He’s a nice ‘kid’ — young adult — in his last semester as an undergrad and I like him.  He’s more conversant than the last longterm beau too.   She has pretty decent taste in fellas!  We took the young folks past our first apartment, seeing we were so close and then headed back to Milwaukee.

She turned 22 a week ago, but there hadn’t been time for a birthday get-together for the family for her and most of Mike’s family have not been as involved in the new house project as Peg and I, so it was a nice chance for siblings and such to get together over food, a libation or two and conversation.  It was a nice day spent with family!  sometimes it takes opening

Mike took a quick look at our cigarette lighter (which has been burning out fuses) and we kind of think it’s the transformer for our Rand McNally GPS.  I’ll get another one on the come from Amazon or Rand McNally as soon as I can but we do have a spare for the RV.  And I can always plug into a USB port to power the GPS if need be.

By the time we returned to the Coach all the weekenders were gone and the park has returned to Autumnal Quiet.

close some doors todayTomorrow is the last of my supplemental medical tests.  I’m not particularly concerned about the test; my bloodwork wasn’t far from normal so I don’t expect much of a result.  However, you never know and it’s good to get things checked out when we have easy access.

Our time in Wisconsin is drawing to a close.  Two more packages should be delivered in the next three days.  With luck we’ll be ready to leave on Thursday as planned.

Old Diary

Happy Birthday Peg

my wife's head

May 7th…. the day that will go down in infamy!

Well, not INFAMY….

But it is my Sweetie’s birthday today.  Not that she allows for having any more birthdays!  And we don’t talk about numbers either.  We’re retired you know — that’s all that’s important.  We’re both still breathing!

No huge plans today.  Get the lawnmower out so she can cut the grass. (no smart-aleck comments from the peanut gallery) I have to air-up the flat tire on the snowblower and roll it down the ramp into the basement.  With a little luck I’ll get Journey over here today and start on faucets after I do some trimming on our wisteria which is taking over the arch at the end of the sidewalk.  Just as we planned but it does need a little more training that we’ve given it thus far.

Word was that last night the buyer and his agent were to meet to discuss the results of the home inspection.  Fingers crossed on that account.  Still waiting to see the loan commitment letter from his bank.  Things seem to be moving forward positively — so we’re still optimistic even after being at precisely this point 1 year ago with a different buyer and a different bank.  Think Positive!

And the fact that we are heading into our fourth straight day of 60 degree weather and sun… is helping a lot!  Spring may finally have arrived.

We did visit Boerner Botanical Gardens yesterday.

We are clearly a couple weeks, or maybe a few weeks behind Chicago. And the fact that Milwaukee doesn’t have the budget that Chicago does also means that there aren’t as many fresh greenhouse plantings here, but it’s a nice walk-through.  Being a Milwaukeean most of my life has meant a lot of trips to Whitnall Park and the Boerner gardens.  They’ve never been a huge public attraction here but during the middle of the growing season they are quite beautiful.  And it’s never bad to get out into nature and hear the birds and other critters.

numeral 31

Thirty One More Days?

Talk to you tomorrow.

Old Diary

Family Birthday Celebrations

Peg’s birthday is Tuesday.  A little celebration in the midst of home sale jitters is a good way to lighten our hearts and there’s nothing bad about living to the age of 66.  Too many of us don’t make it!

So, tonight we spend with Kathryn and her hubby eating and drinking and laughing.  No idea what’s on the menu but I’m sure a good time will be had by all. The three pictures above are Kathryn (mom) and Melanie (daughter).  The lights of our lives!

I think we’ll pack up in the morning for the short jaunt to IL for Inspection Diversion.  We’ll have time to poke around in the Schaumberg area — between malls and IKEA and the Container Store I’m sure we’ll keep busy — and they have a pool and great beds (as I said the other day we’ve been to the same hotel before).  When we get the call that they are done with the inspection we’ll only be 90 minutes from home.

I guess all the fol-der-rol about inspections is kind of odd to me.  Of course, there is the fact that we were in our 50’s.  Our buyer is much younger than we; but he has construction experience which I did not — I just had experience managing a 12 family apartment.  But we viewed the building once, and made an offer 48 hours later.  And we love the building as much now as when we bought it.  Were it not for the decision to go mobil we’d not be selling at all.  The fact that it was 90 years old (or nearly so when we bought it) only meant to us that there would be normal maintenance from time to time, nothing scary, but the stuff that you have to do to any building as it gets older.  But we always saw the building as solid — a place that will be here for our grand-kids grand-kids!  The systems are all in good shape and the neighborhood is kewl, and the neighbors are nice, respectful, and helpful.  What’s not to like.  Anyone who has a life, or hobbies, or interests that make the building a good choice for them would be well served by buying it.

Anyway…. right now we are looking at 35 days till closing.  So, fingers crossed that the inspection goes as expected……  The one thing about this entire home selling process is the lesson that other people don’t look at life the same way you do!  And there is no right or wrong.  It’s whatever works for the individual. 😀

numeral 35

Thirty Five Days Till Closing