Old Diary

The Date is Set!

weddingbellsWe got the news from our daughter that the Grand-Kid has set the wedding date for next Spring. We can begin thinking in concrete terms about post-Highland Ridge travel plans!

After last year’s medical travel delay fiasco it would be nice to have an earlier plan in place instead of ending up sort of  waiting-out-the-winter somewhere as we felt we did last Winter.

There has been the seminal thought in the back of our mind that we might inquire about returning here for another summer — seeing as the wedding is in Wisconsin, and the date is early enough — that would be doable possibility.  But, it’s not an ace-in-the-hole and we don’t know how we might feel about the CORPS by the end of the summer or how they feel about us.  So that’s just a niggling thought in the back of our minds.

11986505_10152969506017330_1306870677532854844_nAlong with the wedding date news,  we also  heard that Melanie also is trying out a new fun gig.  She has her first chance to teach a class in American Tribal Dance.  If you don’t know about American Tribal Dance it’s a amalgam of a variety of belly dance -ish styles.  She’s been involved in the scene since early in college.  (I never knew that you could get college credits for taking a course in Belly Dancing! — but hey, it’s a strange new world out there)  And it’s interesting to see and hear the things the next generation choose to get involved with.

In the meantime we still have work to do and to try doing it in between raindrops.  It’s typical Wisconsin Spring weather really — nothing we aren’t accustomed to — so we run between the rain drops and keep our golf cart covered with a tarp if the forecast is really bad — otherwise we just wipe off the seats and the windshield and go about our business.

We ‘got rid’ of a nagging problem this morning.  We’ve had a contractor staying in the campground and there have been issues about fees and dogs and various things — I was glad to see the 5th wheel pull out as scheduled — we have new campers coming in today and there was some reason to be concerned about whether he would actually have his unit out before the new arrivals.

That’s not something I normally ever fret about — departures before new arrivals.  It’s pretty neat the way most campers are cooperative in that regard.  We’ve all been the camper coming into the park and we all want to arrive to a site ready for us — but that doesn’t always happen. Last year, twice in a row, we moved from place to place and we arrived 1 o’clock-ish and our sit was still being occupied by the previous camper.  They eventually moved, but most campgrounds don’t actually have much space for you to hang out in while you wait for someone else to move.  And that’s particularly true here at Highland Ridge.  With all of our trees, there aren’t WIDE roads, or spare parking areas.  Cooperative campers make life a lot easier!

Don’t mind me if I’m a bit out of it.  Just thinking about our Grand-One getting married has me in a sentimental mood and I think I’m just going to stop here for today and bask in a brain full of happy memories!  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.