Forests’ Morning Sun

In the forest the morning sun comes slowly Softly kissing the very tops of the tallest trees Then ever so … More

Ode To Snow

What if in these Northern parts We’d never see a flake nor a drop Of precipitation to cover the ground … More


I’ve wanted to send you a flower bouquet But thoughts of Edison got in the way I wondered what could … More


Watch them run Oh, what fun Two tiny squirrels Both in a whirl Back and forth, to and fro Up … More


Drone, drone, drone Float the barges with a groan Slow, slow, slow Move the barges all in tow Flow, flow, … More

Deep in the Forest

Deep in the forest The light is concealed Deep in the forest It’s so unreal. Deep in the forest By … More

Anticipate Kate

August, 2012   Waiting Waiting Anticipating Don’t know when We will see Kate ‘round the bend. I see her now, … More

My Compass

My Compass We’ve been back and forth across the Mississippi Am I in Wisconsin or Iowa, I’m getting dizzy I … More

Whistles Not Missiles

  Whistles Not Missiles Clickety-clack, clickety-clack Goes the freight train down the track Back and forth, to and fro Where … More

Little Amish Girl

Little Amish Girl Sweet little barefoot girl With a bonnet that covers your blond curls Your blue eyes sparkle like … More

After The Mauve Hour

After the Mauve Hour   After witnessing another beautiful setting of the sun We lingered to watch the sky change … More

The White Ghost

Who is the white ghost that goes thud in the night And lurks atop the reefer with eyes piercing bright? … More

Ode to the Egret

I shall never forget Having seen an Egret It stands still so picturesque A tall slender white statuette. Reflected in … More

Prior To Fire

Much Ado About Nothing As I sat and pondered on this foggy day The sun was obscured by the grey … More

Bella Vendella

Vendella, Vendella, Vendella, You are a pretty cat, Oh la la la You sit in front of the mirror to … More