Travel Plans

Thoughts about The Canadian Maritimes (date unknown)

At some point we would like to tour the Canadian Maritimes…. but how to do it?  This is a preliminary thought-plan…

April 2015 through August 2015????

Once we leave San Benito in March ’15 we aren’t sure which direction we want to go.   We’re thinking about a month (May) in San Diego followed by something like this…. might be too many miles.

April ’15 – between San Benito and San Diego?


As of October 2014

We are committed to spend December through March at Palmdale RV park / San Benito TX

As of Late September — talking plans only.

We pick up our daughter in NOLA for a couple night stay at Bayou Segnette, three nights at Grand Isle State Park, and then overland to Galveston/Houston for a few days with family.  After Kathryn flies home we’ll work our way south towards Brownsville.

As of Mid September we’re looking like this:

November 2014

Two separate two week stays (+/-) at Corps properties in MS  followed by a few days at Bayou Segnette near New Orleans

October 2014

Two weeks on the boards near Shelbyville, IL followed by 2 weeks South of Memphis at a Corps of Engineers location

September 2014

A few days in the La Crosse area, followed by two weeks at Bong State Recreation Area  while we take care of business in Milwaukee. Leaving SE Wisconsin around the middle of the month we plan on stopping at Thomson Causeway in Thomson IL

August 2014

We had our solar installation done at the beginning of the month.  We spent a few days with Peg’s brother and SIL in Lake Tahoe ( auto trip) and then we had repairs done to our Norcold refrigerator in Junction City.  We headed home to Wisconsin and arrived in La Crosse just before the Labor Day Holiday.

July 2014

As our departure from ODNRA (Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area  / Siuslaw National Forest) nears we’re heading back to the Midwest for an annual checkup with our doctors.  We’ll be taking some Northern route back home.  Thence towards the Gulf Coast for the winter.

We are anticipating a trip to the Canadian Maritime provinces — but whether we can afford to do it 2015 or 2016 has yet to be seen.

June 2014

We have been on the Forest since October 2013.  We arrived here to do caretaking work for the USFS and after two months we moved into a different position, as Volunteer Volunteer Coordinators.  We will be ending that gig about the 24th of July, 2014 and moving on.

October 2013

As of June 7, 2013 we are property-less but not homeless.  One of the few things we planned on was that we would spend this first summer close to Milwaukee.  The stress of house selling and some family issues suggested that it would be good to:

  • give ourselves some time to decompress
  • hang around to get a September/October annual physical instead of having to return mid-winter
  • wait to see if the our daughter and son-in-law got their zoning petition so we could change addresses yet again.

The calendar shows our timeline. The map and explanations below are for the geographically challenged among us (including Peg).

Our plans through the 16th of October


October 11, 2013 – Aug 28, 2014
Siuslaw National Forest / Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oct 9-11  Newport, OR

October 7-9 Port Orford, OR

October 5-7 Klamath, CA

October 4 Clear Lake, CA

September 30 – October 3 Zephyr NV

Sept 28-29 Fernley NV

Sept 27 Salina, UT

Sept 26-23 Grand Junction, CO

Sept 17 – 23  Silverthorne, CO

Sept 16, Ogallalla, NE

Sept 15, Rathburn Lake, IA

Sept 14-16 Thomson Causeway, Thomson IL

Sept 8 – September 13 Bong State Recreation Area, Kansasville, WI

Sept 3 – Sept 8  Blackhawk Park, De Soto, WI

July 10 – September 3 – Highland Ridge, Spring Valley WI
(Camp Hosts)

June 26 – July 10 – Blackhawk Park, De Soto WI

June 12 – June 26 – Thomson Causeway, Thomson IL

June 3 – June 12 –   Bong Recreation Area, Kansasville WI

June 3, leave Milwaukee,



    1. Hey Mike,

      Good to hear your voice. Seems I’m busier now than when I was working, but some of that busy-ness seems like spinning my wheels. Once we get the house sold we’ll have a clearer brain and spirit.

      God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.



  1. Hello Again,
    Hope I don’t seem like a pain but I have to ask…how did you do this calendar on your page? We are so new to this blogging thing (I can’t even get my gravatar to display correctly….arrrgh) and I’m positively drooling over it and what a help it would be.


    1. Hmmm…. I”m not sure if I remember how I did that. :-\

      It’s a Google calendar. Seems I had to create the calendar, then go to settings > Calendar settings to publish it as a “public” calendar.

      Then you go to that particular calendar — I happen to have four calendars that I use — only one of which is public. (Click on it in the left column of your browser where Google lists all of your calendars)

      Once you are there click on the Calendar Settings button under the to the right.

      From the Calendar Settings page scroll down till you find and select one format or another — I used HTML.

      I clicked the little HTML button and it gave me the embed code for my blog — which you have to enter when you are in mode and not mode.

      After you have pasted it into you page / entry if you then click back to mode the content you just pasted will LOOK differently to you but it should still display correctly when you publish the entry — something about WORDPRESS stripping out stuff they don’t allow in their code — but it works.

      Try it! You’ll Like it.


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