Clever Passwords

I am NOT telling you to use this as a password. But I know full well the pain of having forgotten the odd password from time to time. The challenge — and it really is a challenge — of maintaining password records is herculean. They make password tools; some of them work better than others. The sheer number of places you need a password to access your personal account/information has ballooned exponentially over the years.

The thing is it pays to be careful about the passwords we use and how we keep track of them and just because something sounds foolproof to you doesn’t mean that a robot working far faster than you can’t figure out your invincible password in a few seconds if someone is determined to hack you.

The thing is, if you are clever enough to devise a really kewl password — someone else probably has had the same thought.

Find a safe tool to manage your secrets, and then keep that tool as secret as the passwords.