What Motivates Man?

The thought of losing our lives and leaving our loved ones behind couldn’t get us to wear our seatbelts, but add a mildly annoying dinging sound and we can’t click that fuckin’ thing fast enough.

This comment, about wearing seatbelts, could apply equally well to human behavior as regards COVID-19 or a great many other problems. Sometimes it appears that what can be demonstrably shown to be good for our life isn’t deemed worthy of our modified behavior until an innocuous annoyance joins it.

We don’t necessarily act out of our best interests.

Sometimes we act to minimize annoyance and as a by-product we benefit ourselves.

If vaccines were taken in the form of sugar coated candy I bet there would have been many much longer lines than we saw during the past couple years for COVID vaccines.

If we could lose weight by eating something sweet I bet we’d all be skinny as rails.

I’m sure we would never voluntarily stop to buy gasoline if it wasn’t for the fact that our car will come to a coasting halt if we don’t.

I sometimes wonder how often the rich and famous have used this principle to get the rest of us to do what they want. Two-week vacations sure seem to be incentive to work hard for 50 weeks per year to keep many of us willing slaves to their desires.

Health Insurance too is a sweet treat that keeps a great many worker from jumping ship and moving to a different employer. As is the concept of “Existing Conditions.” We ignore the greatest danger and respond to the lesser one.

It’s scary when you think about it.