Color has been disappearing from the world

A new research group used machine learning to track color changes in common materials and items, below is their findings for all color changes over time.

Below are the colors of cars by year, notice how the majority of cars are grey, white, or black compared to twenty years ago.

These aren’t data points, but they are comparisons between the ‘modern’ homes of the 70s and 80s compared to the modern homes of today.

Carpets have equally had the same treatment of grey added to them! The most common color of carpet is now grey or beige.

Even locations that used to scream with color for decades have now modernized to becoming boring minimalist (and I love minimalism) personality-less locations.

The world is becoming colorless, why?

I encourage you to check out the Source Paper.

Online museum collections provide a treasure trove of objects to explore. They also allow visitors to view a much larger proportion of a museum’s collection than they could see by visiting the museum in person; the majority of many museum collections are kept in storage.

This article analyses a selection of the Science Museum Group Collection. We examined over 7,000 photographs of objects from 21 categories. The categories were selected on the basis that they contained large numbers of everyday or familiar objects. These categories range from photographic technology to time measurement, lighting to printing and writing, and domestic appliances to navigation.


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