Pleasant and Cool

It’s a cool, pleasant Monday morning. We haven’t had many cool mornings of late and I’m soaking it in. Solo. Which is to say that Peg & Katy have taken off for a short Mom/Daughter trip and I’m baching it for a while.

About where we are

It’s an interesting sensation. For so many years I was the one who had to travel and be away from home, leaving my family behind. It’s a different feeling being the one left — not good, not bad, just different.

I took the trash out this morning and on the way back— the communal dumpsters are about 100 yards from the door to the apartment — and I got to thinking about whether this would be the place I would choose to live if I were alone. As much as I like it for the two of us, and as convenient as it is for medical and other appointments I suspect it’s not the place I would choose if I were solo. But I doubt that I would exert the extra effort — already being here — to make a change were I suddenly in that situation. Curious. I guess I’m just lazy.

When we came off the road from our 7 years of RV’ing and decided to return to Milwaukee it was a curious thing looking for apartments — and even more curious now. In days gone by we would have looked in the classified section of the newspaper for rentals. By the time we moved 7 years ago there pretty much were NO newspaper classifieds worth looking at and we found ourselves in a strange place as an apartment hunter. Of course it had been 40+ years since we’d had to look for an apartment so there was a lot of time for gradual changes but still, I had no idea where to look until I chanced upon Craigslist which I had used in my photo business.

Were we to need to move now, I have no idea where you go to look. I see a lot of inquiries and very few offerings of rentals on Facebook. And not being in the position of needing to look I’m not going to spend any time on an unnecessary search, but I have no idea what we would do, or how we would look if we needed to now. I’m really a dinosaur in this strange world I’m in and while I’m glad to be here I wonder how I’ll feel in 10 or 20 years should I be lucky enough to still be here.

Our current location, on the Southwest side of the metro area suits us well. I’m 5 miles from all my primary and specialty medical care, and the same distance from a world class hospital. We have a grocery within 1 mile — though we usually patronize the next closest two stores a little more than 2.5 miles away. There’s a Home Depot store within a mile. We are 50 yards from a bus stop — though the stop only picks up Southbound passengers, so getting anywhere further INTO town would take a good long time. And we are within 3 miles of an IKEA store. What more could anyone ask? 🙂

Life is good in spite of it’s complications. I noticed this week that FedEx service has declined horribly. Medical supplies that were suppose to arrive 8 days missed BOTH of their FedEx delivery promises and showed up quite unceremoniously on the ground a day after the latest miss. I’m not keen on all of these mail/delivery services but like many of you I really have little option. Our Medicare provider insists on shipping meds from all over the country. I try to avoid Amazon but with the closing of so many specialty stores sometimes Amazon is the only option short of a several hundred mile drive which I’m no longer inclined to do at current gas prices.

I am, however, saddened that my favorite pizza place recently had a fire and how long it will be before they are back up and running is a real question. There aren’t a lot of real “neighborhood” restaurants that have been around since Hector was a pup and still serve real, hand made food. It’s only been 10 days and I’m already feeling the urges…. sigh.

The trip the girls took was to Indiana Dunes National Shoreline for those of you wondering. Just a couple days.