A Moment of Awe

I am never embarrassed to say there are a lot of things that fill me with awe. To me the world is filled with miracles — which is to say things I don’t understand; things I’m quite willing just to experience and be thankful for.

This is a photo from the International Space Station. It doesn’t need any explanation — you can make out quite clearly what you’re looking at. And it’s humbling to be reminded of the fact that no matter what I think, or what my opinions are about the world and the way it works there are a lot of other people on the same planet who have their own ideas about how the world works, or should work, and I share this space with them.

As an aside, if this photo had been taken just a few minutes earlier or later it would have been easier to see the huge size difference between North America where I live and Africa which us North Americans have been taught to see as a “smaller” continent because of the common map projections which fill our schools.