Respect Others

Is it just me or are people increasingly getting ruder and ruder to each other?

I have no idea how much of that behavior is a direct result of electronic media but I suspect a significant part of it is. I remember when email first became a thing and I realized for the first time how differently people were wiling to talk with each other when they didn’t have to look the other person straight in the eyes. Or when they didn’t have to fear being punched in the nose because their comments were simply RUDE and unconstructive.

All of that, of course, was way before Facebook, or Instagram, or ticking toks. 🤣 All of those media let you spout off with little or no repercussions. Your “friends” are often mere acquaintances so for many there’s not a great concern about harming long-term relationships. And for that matter I’m not sure how many “long” term relationships there really are for a significant subset of the population.

I know it’s been a long time since I went to school, but way back then a part of our education was to enable us to have an opinion, to be exposed to there opinions and to evaluate them, and then make up our own mind as to whether we wanted to stick with our old idea, or change our mind, and to let the other person/s do exactly the same. In my mind, nothing has changed — except perhaps that other people seem to insist that you change your way of thinking to match theirs.

Of course the idea of education back then used to be about training one’s mind to think. Today, so much emphasis is placed on a degree (not an education) that will open up the job market that I fear real education and preparation for life has fallen by the wayside. And just because we think we have the InterWebs as a source of information doesn’t mean we have knowledge — Information and knowledge are two very different things.

8+1=9, 7+2=9, 6+3=9, 5+4=9, 3×3=9, 2×4.5=9 and so on. There are lots of ways to get to 9. There are lots of ways to solve any problem. The “RIGHT” one depends on the circumstances and the people involved. I can do some things you cannot. You have insight into factors I’m ignorant about. We all have something to offer in the “problem” of life — but we have to be willing to listen with the intent of hearing instead of listening with the intent to answer if we are ever going to solve some of them. Life is a lot harder than 9.


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