Being Better

One thing that the past few years have taught me is that it doesn’t pay to be self-contented. I’m not talking about being down on yourself, I’m talking about always trying to grow, develop, and mature. None of us “knows it all”, we haven’t figured everything out, we still have room to improve.

This little graphic isn’t mine, but boy howdy it sure does a good job of laying out a plan of attack for daily life:

Of course success in growth is dependent upon one’s willingness to question their own values, ideas, and ideals. Quite plainly — if you’ve been paying attention to the social and political climate in the U.S. for the past decade — there are a great many people who are unwilling to do that. The would rather stick their head in the sand, pretend everything is always going to be as it has been in the past and do nothing to change the world for the better. I’m not one of those, so I have no problem taking a periodic look at my attitudes in the hopes of learning to be a better person. I may be in my 70’s but life isn’t over yet and I’m not done growing (I hope) or being a better person.

The hardest point in this list, to me, is the first: Unlearn, unlearn, unlearn.

The thing about this is that the things we know — often — go without thinking. We just do them, we just think them, we just believe things. Bringing one’s self up short and asking: “Why am I doing this” or thinking this, or why do I believe this?

I don’t know about you, but I hope to travel good way along the road of life yet…. wish me luck.


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