It’s been a while…

Somewhere back around June I just got fed up. Those of you who have followed me for any length of time know that I’m by nature an optimistic person but the insanity of behavior both in connection with COVID and with our recently departed “president” really opened my eyes to the general state of affairs around me. Frankly, I got to the point that I said;

“What the hell is the sense of writing when so many idiots are out there?”

It’s taken a while and I’m still really disappointed in the general state of human achievement but I’m going to try getting back to regular blogging.

Peggy and I continue our Safe Covid Lifestyle. We are still mostly sheltering at home, are cautious about getting out into any large groups, and have curtailed our dining out. During the last 20 months I can count on one hand the number of restaurants we’ve been inside. I know that’s not good for restauranteurs, but given my personal health issues I simply can’t take chances.

The second aspect of the past few months is that I’ve seen a couple health setbacks. For one I finally got into hospital after a year’s delay for some relatively common surgery. Not long after that I had a T.I.A. that caused temporary blindness in one eye. The situation has since cleared but we are still doing tests and I have another medical appointment in the coming week. Suffice it to say, “other things” have been on my mind than writing. Bottom line, however, is life goes on; we adjust to life as it is and move on.

Our great grandchild, Sophia is not 27 months old and there’s good news on the baby front. She is expecting a baby brother or sister in a few months. So that makes both Peggy and I very, very happy. They are still 350 miles away from us, in Minneapolis, but that’s a lot closer than it might be.

Peg has been doing well. No health issues, she’s still doing lots of puzzles, and she’s as easy to live with as ever. I really don’t know what I’d do without her. But let’s hope neither of us has to cope with that eventuality for a long time to come.

Our daughter Kathryn took Peg on a Mother-Daughter trip two months ago. Before the leaves started falling. The skirted Lake Superior’s Western shores and had a lovely time.

Poor Katy wants to travel in the worst way and between COVID and a husband who’s not a great traveler she is bursting at the seams for a good long roadtrip even after their little jaunt together. And heading into winter I fear her thirst for travel is not going to be slaked anytime soon.

Among the other challenges my doctor diagnosed me as diabetic. I don’t yet need to medicate as long as I can control my sugar with diet, but that jump-started a weight loss kick that has seen me drop over 50 lbs and it’s a long overdue bit of self-discipline. I’m feeling better not carrying around all that weight but I could still afford to drop some more weight so that’s still on the agenda.

Of course that means I’m not baking or cooking like I have in the past. So, while I still enjoy looking at recipes, I’m not making many of them. In my72 years the only diet that has ever helped me lose weight has been the Atkins low carb approach and there’s no room for breads and sweets and other goodies.

When I’m actively on the diet — and I say it that way because this last week I gave myself a conscious break — I can’t say I miss all those things. I’ve never been one to make many desserts at home. Between the two of us, a 9” pie lasts way too many days — or else it adds way too many pounds in a big hurry. I rarely make cakes for the same reason. We used to eat a lot of pasta but with my diabetes diagnosis there’s yet another reason to watch my carb intake so I’m not making my own pasta or breads for now. We’ll see what happens in the next few months.

The idea of checking my blood sugar has been a fascinating, perplexing experience. Sometimes it seem impossible to predict or understand what the human body is going to do, even if you consume the same foods and quantities day after day. Suffice it to say that it’s a hobby to occupy the mind of a guy who thinks a lot. More than that, I’ve at least brought my A1C down to a point that the doc is happy with me. Let’s hope it stays there.

We did spend a reasonable part of the summer out at our trailer in the Dells.

The younger generations enjoying some porch time.
At the beginning of the cold weather. Smiling as always.

I’m not sure how often I’ll blog going forward. There won’t be huge lapses I hope. But we’ll just have to see what the mood of the world does to me. I’m not nearly as patient as I was in my younger days.


5 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Liz W says:

    Oh, Peter, I am so sorry you have been experiencing these additional health problems. My heart goes out to you! But it is so good to be able to read your blog again. I have missed it. The world is a bizarre place right now with too many people completely lacking in common sense and in morality. My mental health has certainly suffered.
    Glad you are not having to be on medication for your diabetes, but what a lifestyle change for you! 50# is an impressive amount!
    Congratulations on your second grandchild. A definite ray of sunshine and hope.
    I look forward to your renewed writings!


  2. Tis nice to hear from you again, but sorry for the extra challenges you’ve been experiencing. It seems to me that Covid has made challenges that much more, well, challenging! Hubby needs a pace maker but the many people taking up hospital beds has put that on the back burner in our health care system. It worries me.

    I hope you receive ALL the care you need, especially with diabetics. Hubby was diagnosed with it over 20 years ago and because he was in denial for so long he developed heart and kidney disease as a result. He’s very careful now. I wish he would have taken it much more seriously years ago but it is what it is. So, do take care of yourself. I hope to hear from you more often but I know I have been bloggin much less often this past year or so. Covid has simply worn me down and left inspiration thin at best.


  3. Linda Sand says:

    I think you would like the cookbook Well Fed. The food in it fits your restrictions while coming from many cultures with optional ways of making things. The Paleo diet is an offshoot of Atkins.


    • Linda, good suggestion. I’ll have to see if I can find it! You do know that I love ethnic foods of all sorts, so this would be a great addition to my recipe treasure.


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