What’s the point?

I love to eat. And I’m pretty open to what I eat. I’ll try (and in most cases really enjoy) just about any food short of insects which I struggle with mentally, not gastronomically. Eating bugs just creeps me out.

And I have lived through a lot of food trends in my 70+ years. Including nouvelle cuisine when it seemed that chefs were intent on not actually serving you anything to eat! Horizontal food, vertical food, food trends come and go. Duh….

I was looking at Tumblr this morning and came across the idea of Spaghetti Grilled Cheese sandwiches. And my brain just kind of exploded.

I LOVE spaghetti. I LOVE grilled cheese sammies. I love bread. But why, oh why, oh why would anyone bother making a grilled cheese spaghetti sandwich.

Of course that all brings me to a trend over the past few years of strange combination / and combinations for the sake of complexity.

Folks — sometimes more isn’t more. Sometimes more is excessive, unnecessary, and downright dumb. Not stupid. Just senseless.

Sloppier, bigger, more decadent is just … well… more decadent. And in case you haven’t noticed, “decadent” isn’t a sign of wonderful thing but a sad and negative thing.

I like to taste the things I’m eating. I know that chefs and foodies love to maximize flavor and give you a little flavor bomb in your mouth but I really do think that most of the time enough is enough. You don’t need flavor on flavor on flavor on flavor. I’m not even sure it’s “nice” getting more flavors. I can get more flavors by eating other kinds of food. But I love tasting whatever I’m eating when I’m eating it and too many combinations are just … TOO MANY.